My step-daughter although I came into her life when she was 2 1/2 years old,  she is now 20. And like her older brother when she hit the teenage years she turned into a pain also, only in a different matter. She always wanted money, and when she didn’t get it, she would get upset, throw temper tantrums anything she could to get it, then it turned into she would use the guilt trip to get it, especially after the death of her father when she was 15, she would use that as an excuse to get what she wanted.  But that is all in the past.
Now for the Grown-UP part, Now at 19 yrs old, she has gotten married and has a baby all with in  4 months, she has had her share of difficulties with her husband, as we all have had with our spouse or significant other and sure there are ways that she could have handled things better, and her disagreements with her brother can be outrageous, but soon they settle down, and within a day or so they are back to talking, ( this is what I see, from the bleachers ),  I think she finally realized the doors in my house can bite back ,when she had her fight with her brother she hit her bedroom door as she always did, but this time, she has hurt her hand to the point where it swelled up that when the x rays where taken the doctors couldn’t say whether her hand was fractured or just badly bruised. So hopefully she will learn not to hit doors when she is mad. As far as being a mother, I see her as a very caring mother, (like her mother) who would doing anything to make sure that her baby was taken care of, including waking myself or her mother up to watch the baby if she needed to get some much needed sleep, and the father as well (an agreement her mother and I made with them), and she know that waking us up because the baby needs medical attention is always available if needed.  Although she has more to learn as we all do, everyday we can or learn something new.  And learning new things lead to another step of growing up. SO far now I see her as Grown up as she needs to be. AND yet we can still be children when the time is right.


3 thoughts on “A DAUGHTER GROWN -UP

  1. Slik

    Hi There!

    she would use the guilt trip to get it, especially after the death of her father when she was 15, she would use that as an excuse to get what she wanted.

    I have to say that hurt me deeply when she would go the Father excuse route… But the past is the past and I forgive her for hurting me (Indirectly)

    As for growing up she is going to look back at her self in her 30’s and see her foolish mistakes and become wiser from those mistakes… But at the same time she is going to have those similar headaches that all parents go through when their child is a teenager…

    Angie well see Abbie heading down the dangerous road at times but yet Abbie may go through that phase where she doesn’t see the issue at hand like her parents do because Abbie’s feet will freshly be entering the mud pit of self ignorance …
    Versus Abbie’s parents will have waded through most of the mud of self ignorance. Then just maybe her and Kevin will look back and see the frustrations of their own foolish issues have caused…

    1. balding2soon Post author

      I believe the saying for that is ” What goes around comes Around” and when it comes back around and bites her as my door did, she will remember it and say ” I did that when I was a teen oh LORD she is starting to be just like me, studies show that 90% of children grow up to be like one of there parents and or get one or both of there traits. So we will just sit back and wait for that day to come LOL.
      As far as Abbie goes we can only hope and Pray that bc of the path that her mother and father took before her mother got pregnant that they will see signs that she is heading down the wrong path and get her back on the right one before it is to late, and something tragically goes wrong. In the meantime we can be there to help when the question is asked WILL YOU HELP ME?

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