The Wife of a LIFETIME!!!

Being married for 16 years and the mother to the 2 children in the recent postings and the mother of a posting yet to come later, she is older than me by 14 years, but hey  the older they are the wiser they are.  As do I she has medical problems and we continue to help each other through them as a spouse should do. When her legs hurt her because of no cartilage in either knee, she gets upset and all I can do is say, I am here to do the things that you can’t such as climb stairs to do the laundry, stand at the stove to cook or clean the kitchen after meals, and you are here to help me with the 1 thing I can’t do is drive, because of a seizure disorder and even after surgery to correct it, I am still unable to get my license because I have to go 1 year without a seizure and it just isn’t going that way, and as I write this post I am getting this strong feeling that the Lord has a reason for this. The biggest situation is what will happen when she is no longer here with us , I guess we will cross that bridge, when the road meets that bridge, because of the situation with our lives being opposite with what she can do and what I can do , I have dedicated a song to her,  Islands in the stream, by Dolly Parton, it describes how different our lives are, but yet the love we have for each other is great, sure as all married couples, we have are differences and disagreements, but we work them out.  In the beginning of our marriage we had alot of arguments and screaming matches, but The one thing that we have agreed on is never fight over finances, that isn’t to say that no you can’t get this or that,  there is the song by Kool and the Gang CHERISH  but when the money has been spent we can only say it is spent and was it necessary to but or could we have gone without it, and then there is the song by Kool and the Gang, Cherish, it describes what we have, everyone cherishes something whether it be money, jewelry, there pets, ect. Don’t get me wrong it is nice to have these things but the best things to cherish is love, memories, and family without these three things what, do we have to hold on to. And with her knee situation, I dedicated this song to her to gave her something to treasure that no one can take from her. So my life with my wife has been a great life over all ….  I HAVE HAD THE LOVE OF A LIFE TIME.
(With the knowledge of my son, he was able to upload this song to finish off this post ) A fitting end I think!!!


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