A 10 Year Old:

When it came to light that my wife was pregnant I had mixed feelings, The biggest feeling was Joy, we had been together for 6 years by this time I didn’t know we could ever have a child partly due to a procedure she had back in 1988, but then again she got pregnant 2 times after that the second being our son, her pregnancy was hard for her constantly going to doctors appointments once a week because of her age and the on top of all that at 6 weeks we found out she was caring twins ( sad to say the other didn’t make it ),( not even knowing what sex the other one was ,) the second feeling was a feeling of worry because I am an epileptic and seizure disorders run on both sides of my family, but he is very smart with a smart mouth, and we need to work on it and I have two 5 older people in the home who can help me with that the biggest problem is we can’t seem to get it in his head that if he don’t get it straight he will get beat up later by someone on the street or maybe worse, and althought I outgrew my epilepsy when i was young it returned at 13years old, I am thankful so far that it hasn’t come about for him yet, and day after day I pray that it doesn’t strike him. But all-in-all he is a could child just needs a helping strong but yet gentle hand to guide him on the path that he needs to go to keep him safe and I as well as the rest of the house can do this. The first thing we must do is get the I know it all attitude out of him. I know I as well as alot of other children have had that attitude and unlike my son My attitude was literally knocked out of me, by my father and brothers. I will not beat my son that way, I do get angry with him, but beating isn’t an answer to fixing the problems. He has ADHD and sometimes he tries to use that as an excuse but he needs to realize that he can’t use that as an excuse the rest of he life. In away he is like I was, sometimes he likes to be alone. On the other hand he is going through a rough change he used to be the youngest in the house and now he is no longer, my granddaughter now lives in the home, so he is now jealous, and doesn’t quite now how to handle not being able to get all the attention he used to get prior to her moving in, so he tries to act out or act funny as he calls it just to get attention and sometimes he doesn’t realize it or just doesn’t care that he is getting annoying or upsetting someone. That is the most troublesome problem for all of us to solve at this time. He will be 11 on the 21 of Jan, and so maybe with him becoming a year older it might make him look at himself and say I need to grow up and stop acting the way I have been I know i have had to do that but I know always work out that way, I can only dream. A fathers dream is the best and safest for the child whether it be a boy or a girl. AND I LOVE MY SON AND ALWAYS WILL!!!!


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