Friends are always good to have, although there are always ones who say they are your friends, but in the end they either hurt you in the end or are not there when you need them.
I have friends that are there for me, and have had friends that are no longer there because they either hurt me in a way that I could not stay friends or were gone when I needed them, and although some may say family isn’t a friend but in the end your family is always there when you need them the most. Agreed I have family that are in the category that are not there when I need them but, but for the most part the closest friends (family) are right here in my home, My wife,two sons ,daughter, all of which I have wrote about in previous post and my Daughter-in-Law who has been with the family for almost 12 years now and a son-in-law who has been with the family for close to a year, the two later I will be writing about in later posts, And although I feel, it would be nice to express the names of those by name I have to keep their names in animosity to respect all involved for they all know who I am talking about, and also there is so much more I can write about each person, I try to put the most important points of life, in each post concerning each of them. As I get more into detail about a post on myself people we see how much I depend on them, and how much they have helped me in the years I have put in each post concerning how long I have known them. So to put it to the point your closest friends if you look hard enough, you will more than likely find, that is going to be if not one person, but many people in your family. SO START LOOKING!


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