A Daughter-in-law of 12 years:

Now this post is about my oldest sons wife, now they are not married legally but they have been together for 12 years and to me that is long enough to class her as a Daughter-in-law, not to mention after the first 4 months or so of them going together she started calling me dad. Furthermore she has been with this family and gone through many nights taking care of my 10 year old son and helping out when there is a doctors appointment or staying at the hospital for testing. She is a great help to all of us in the home. Most of the time she will stay in her own part of the home but when she is needed to help with something in another part of the house, she will be there to help.
Many times we have had to call on her for help to watch our 10year old son because of medical emergencies in the middle of the night, and we knew that when we left our son there in the house, that he was in safe hands, and back when our daughter was still young and couldn’t be left only for long periods of time she helped then also. She is a great help for all in the home, and now that are granddaughter is in the house she enjoys spending time with her and we also know that if a babysitter is needed, she will be there to help.


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