A poem of Life:

Life has always been a challenge for me, in this poem you will see From a fathers physical abuse, to a mothers drug abuse Bouncing between many foster homes, and my parents homes, I have a medical condition, epilepsy is my position, Brain surgery in 2008, thinking it would work out great
It still continues to this day, I can only say now it is Gods’ will to pick the day,
When an attack hits I get upset, but then I hit the reset, I feel no joy after, just anger and disappointment,
Then I see my family and there is nothing but enjoyment. I find pain every day, wondering will this be the day, I have to much to do, Not today I pray Each day that goes by without an incident Is a day that is filled with encouragement, I keep myself busy, constantly moving trying not to get dizzy.
From working on dishes, to playing video games Sweeping and vaccumning all things in between, will keep my mind keen.


3 thoughts on “A poem of Life:

  1. Joyce Fields

    Love your poem! Keep looking at your family and counting your blessings. Remember the “Serenity” prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

    I hope your anger decreases.

    1. balding2soon Post author

      A Prayer that I forget until someone reminds me of it such as you like now! Sorry it took so long to respond but my computer crashed and it took
      me some time to get a new one. As far as the anger issue I hope it does as well but it is so hard when you are still dealing with the biggest of the seizure disorder and with all the physical abuse from my father and the emotional abuse from my mother and others I can’t tell what the caused them.
      Or was it a deformity and if so why did it have to happen. So in short the anger issue of my disorder is always going to be there,
      I just try to take it in stride the best I can. If possible I am trying to get some more traffic so if you can help me out in this department it would be appreciated.

    2. balding2soon Post author

      Thank you very much, Sorry for not replying sooner, I have no excuse. Many things have come to mind, but when it came to writing, a writers block has also hit. I only wish I could come up my poems would come like they used to I could sit and write them like I used to be able to.


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