Listen to your children:

Listen to your children: This post again goes to my 32 year old step son:
I have been an epileptic, for 25 years and I have always drank coffee
daily never drinking water the way I should even on hot days.  I would
even walk long distances with a cup of coffee instead of a bottle of
water, going through six to eight pots of coffee myself a day. After
awhile I cut down on the coffee but I still didn’t drink water the way I
should have then I started getting headaches so I picked up the coffee
intake by a couple of pots, and still didn’t drink water.
Now My son was always telling me that I should drink more water, and
I still didn’t now I am 38 and the last couple of trips to the
hospital due to epileptic attacks my son just had to make it a point,
that the first trip they had to give me to bottles of saline solution
due to dehydration and the second trip they had to give me three
bottles hooking up the third bottle just before my wife and son had
left for the night. Now the second trip to the hospital was on 6-8-2011
when the temp was so hot. And due to this fact my son also told me the
next trip he was going, because he was going to know the reason why I
was going in. So now I drink water the way I used to drink coffee and
drink if I am lucky maybe 1 to 2 puts a day and suffer with the
headaches, just like I have to when I get them because of the brain
surgery, to try to correct the epileptic attacks. So again my son has
put me in my place, maybe it’s time I grew up like he had to. Now we
all know when you children are teenagers they don’y want to heed your
warnings are take your advice. Now it is my time to heed his.


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