17 years

 17 years and numerous tears, various likes and dislikes
Completely different illnesses neither one we like, But the two things we have in common is, what we will do is take  care of each other when either one of us go down, and take care of our children no matter what the age is. Many times I say no, But you now I am a Joker, and I love to see the reaction, but even though some of them don’t know when I am joking and even get upset and even mad at times, but in the end they all know that I will come through for them. MY wife I have loved from day one the first day we met, we had a disagreement over my mother living with her. and then the next summer I was on a trip with her to her to Holland Mi., where her brother lived and I asked her 3 times in three different ways if she would marry me and she never caught on it wasn’t until I came right out and said, Will you marry ME that she caught on to what I was trying to ask.Now 17 years later we are still going strong and will continue to go strong until the GOOD LORD takes one of us or both of us.

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