Where in time are you:

“Time is such a precious thing”, we can’t take for granted the little time we have left. While we are here we have so many things left in life that so many things that people can never get all of it done. A list is worthless to make because even if one thing is left undone then the list is not complete. But if you get as many things done you have accomplished something in life. So accomplish as much as you can.

Precious is peace, do not let it cease
Live your life to the fullest, completing the most is best
Do all you can but remember, family comes as more than one member
Your friends are there in the background, so keep them around
Spend it with as many as you can, they are your number one fan
If you have one that is out bring them in, don’t leave earth in sin

As a storm rolls in tonight and I see four fingers from the clouds in the sky
It makes me wonder how serious the storm will be.

My son and I sat on the front deck and watched as the lightening struck from cloud to cloud and we seen numerous strikes, one strike involved multiple bolts. As we stood there watching this and the storm is getting closer and the lightening is also, we realized that we are standing a deck of wood, a great conductor of lightening. But needless to say we stood out there about another half hour talking and watching. There is a great example of how short our time is at any given point in time either one of us or both could have been hit by lightening and taken, but what is wrong with getting a good front row seat at the storms. Have a little fun in life and live free. Be careful and plan wisely, know your limits but have a good time.
So again I am going to ask  Where in time are you? Myself I am 40 with a family, living a life that I have always wanted except for a medical condition, that I must except.  Don’t get me wrong I am not always happy, There are many other struggles in life. But the one thing that does make me happy is the ability to help people when I can.


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