A great shine from the sun, makes a full day of fun
Night skies lite by the moon, bed time will come soon
Followed by another day, what will come our way
Family and friends are best,  games, boats, and then some rest
A night of ghost stories, underneath the starry skies,
Then comes the day of packing, driving, unpacking.

Does this sound familiar, it does to me when I was in two of the many foster homes. A blast from the past the days of those have gone bye, but the memories are still there. Great memories are the ones to hold on to. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make new ones. There are many times you can make memories of many types. For example the biggest one is getting married, having a child, graduation from high school and college.
Remembering the friends you had and the friends you still have and friends you now have take them out with your family and make more memories that will give you stories you can pass on to your grandchildren. Remember a memory can be made of the most minute thing

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