Awhile back I wrote a post called Spend Some Time. This is a continuation to that post. I have explained that ones life can be taken by accident or on purpose, some ones ego can get in the way they can live a full life or a short life. You can be together or drift apart. Well here is an example of one member who has done all but one of those, she has not passed away . I recently received a call from my aunt, to whom I love dearly. She was supposed to come by after visiting her daughter on the East Coast and stay with us for a couple of months, before heading back to her home in the northern country. Due to the fact that something has gone wrong with another daughter in the Northern Country, she has decided to stay on the East Coast, so I will not be seeing her anytime soon. Therefore you have a family member who has lived a full life, (still living)
just goes to show that as I said you never know what can go wrong,  When the phone rang and it was here number I seen on the caller ID, I thought she was calling to say she was going to be leaving S.C. in a couple of day so we can be prepared to pick her up from the airport. I never expected her to say These dreadful words  I AM NOT COMING HOME. MY HOME IS IN S.C. When she told me that, it brought tears to my eyes and my mind drifted to the song by Alabama My home is in Alabama.


After a few seconds she asked me if I was still there, I had said yes, trying not to let the shallow sound of sorrow come out of my voice as we talked. We continued to talk a few more minutes and then she said she had to go because her hand was hurting and told her I loved her and was going to miss her. I mean it is not like we can’t talk on the phone but when she lived in the North I had a better chance on seeing her than being on the East Coast. It is going to be especially hard because there are only two left, my father and her, out of 17 siblings and those two hardly talk to each other only when one of them are in the hospital for major surgeries.

Here is another situation where egos and situations came between family members that it came down to another from my father, is talking about moving out of state at some point which will also hurt, what is going on. This is torture, but what can I say, another test from God, as I have said in some posts and mostly responses to others, God will test his children, to see how strong their faith is to Him, and the only thing we can do as Christians, is hold strong in our faith and believe that there is nothing that we can’t handle without Gods help.

The previous song relates to the verse that states if the struggles get to much for you to handle God will be to carry you through the struggles if you can’t walk through them, he will be there with His hand out stretched, all you have to do is
reach out, if you can and he will walk with you. In life we have to expect the unexpected in death the unexpected expect us.
Life is a wonderful, but dangerous thing, what you do and how you live is a choice you have to make. I have struggled with the thought about going back to church for 7 years because of some experiences with the two previous churches and also the fact of my medical disorder. This past week I pushed my self out and went the service was great and the congregation was friendly, but as I expected my left ear started to bother me due to the loudness of the congregation conversing before service, instead, instantly to muffle down the loudness my ear went into a tunnel mode making the loudness, sound more like it was of in the distance, I immediately walked off to the side where I was alone and my left ear was pointed away from the rest of the noise. It took a few minutes, but I was finally able to rejoin my oldest son and his wife and enjoy the service, John 3:16 16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


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