This post reflects the testimony  series my step son has recently posted on his Daily Aspects blog.  I have been with him over half of his life, and I have seen alot of his bad times as a teenager and into adulthood. Which brings me to the next section of my post. Many times’ he has posted many troubles and times of desperation, most of those times he has come to me not to get advise, but just to vent or get an open ear sometimes asking for advice. Mostly just an open ear is all he wanted. Numerous times I have had to tell him and over the years he has realized this. Asking someone to open their ear to hear you also requires you have to open your ear as well. Now I am not just talking about when they are talking to you that you need to have that ear open, but this is another case of (read between the lines). You don’t have to have any physical person standing there to talk to, when you pray and ask for guidance, how are you supposed to get an answer if your ear isn’t open to hear it.( I am sorry to those who don’t look at things as I see them, such as reading between the lines but there are many things, every day a person can pick out of each thing that is said or seen in more than one or more ways and whether the author of Daily Aspects realizes it or not he just had a situation where he found himself reading between the lines. He may not look at it this way he may have another definition.

As we sat here in the garage talking about his recent post when I came into his life, it had dawned on me about the day I had asked his mother to marry me. In doing so I asked her without coming flat out and saying ” WILL YOU MARRY ME”  she looked at me for a second or so not to long because we were on the highway on our way up to Holland to see her brother. When I didn’t get an answer again I asked “WILL YOU SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH ME” again I got no reply just a dumb founded look, So finally I looked over at her and with a little laugh in my voice I said I have been trying to ask you for the last ten miles “WILL YOU MARRY ME“!  Again I got this dumbfounded look as though she didn’t catch on, so I thought, maybe just maybe she didn’t hear me and I’ll just play as if I had never said it and go on with the day. No sooner as I thought that I looked over at your mother again and I could see a couple of tears running down her face. So it was then I played dumb and asked her what was wrong and she replied, did you just ask me to Marry you and I said yes I have been trying to for the last 10 miles. That’s when I told her that she had better get used to some between the line reading because I was going to catch her alot. That night is when I also dedicated this song for her  

The reason for this dedication is at the time, we were two totally different people from opposite worlds, grew up and raised with two sets of rules and as adults we lived totally different. After hearing this song and putting the lyrics into context (reading between the lines) she could understand what and why I had dedicated that particular song. When we met each other, we found in someways we were the same but majority of our ways we are different. As we get older the Islands get more and more noticeable although our love for each other will not die, people say they see we have grown apart, it has been noticed and I have to admit in some instances I feel it, and I also now that it is my fault and sometimes, it makes me feel that maybe she would be better off without me, that maybe this whole family would be better off without me. But the one thing that keeps me going is when I hear Ray or dad. I have four people in this house and numerous others outside this house that calls me at least once a day. Tonight I received a call from my daughter asking for some assistance from everyone in the home, but it had to start with myself and her mother.
Like all marriages ours isn’t a match made in heaven we have our bad days we have our good days. Anyone who says that they don’t have problems is hiding something, our love will guide us through the rough times. Sometimes we have to meet in the middle. 

The end will never be known to any of us as we age we can be taken at any time. Our days are numbered and we continue to face everyday as it comes not knowing whether it will be our last or if we will even make it through the night

Every night when I am still awake, I walk down the hall and trying not to wake you, check to see if you are still with us. When you are sleeping your breathing is slow shallow that it takes time for me to focus on the blankets to see the rise and fall from the inhale and exhale as you breathe. As I climb into bed next to you, I get close enough so I can hear your heart beat, that is the things people don’t see, the don’t see the love we actually share for each other because they have their own little world, ( corners they go to and aren’t around). Sure there can be more to our marriage but as I had stated earlier our marriage was not made in heaven.


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  1. balding2soon Post author

    Thank you Joyce for your input, I don’t know how you feel about reading between the lines but the next post is coming soon including a link to your recent post of the blind boy.


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