What is it that you Wonder Part 2

Continued from Part 1what-is-it-that-you-wonder-part-1. As I left off I finally had proof that I needed. Not only was my rent money gone but, when I returned back to get the things I had left there, I had brought one of my sisters,her daughter and our youngest sister, to help with the move so we could get it done faster. As I neared the apartment door, I could smell the thick stench of cocaine coming from the apartment, knowing at the time when I left she didn’t have a job loosing hers, from the restaurant downtown before I left, so either she still had money from the rent that she took from me, was getting it from her mother or she had found a drug connection, and I don’t even want to say as to how she was going to pay it back, because I certainly wasn’t going to help.

But the only good thing I think that might have come out of it would have been the child she had from another man, which I was willing to take on as my own, she had told me and her mother that the father had been killed in California by a street gang, but as the day came closer it came out to me, that the child belonged to a black truck driver that she was with trying to get back home. Little did it matter to me, the thing that hurt the most was that she had lied in the first place and to keep her lie hidden from her mother she gave the child up for adoption. When the child was born we found out that it was a girl and had I been able to keep her, even if she didn’t want anything to do with her, she would have been the same age as my step daughter 

It would have been great to have another daughter however, along with that there would have been to other situations that would have to take place, Getting full custody which would take a major amount of money, which for me would be a problem, or allowing her visitation until I could prove she was unfit. I am sure most of you readers know the ins and outs of dealing with children and divorces, it is ten times more difficult when it comes to dealing with a child that does not belong to you. Now I continued to work at the restaurant and she always showed up, waiting for me to get of work, as I did I went down the back corridor and out the back door, because she no longer there she couldn’t go in the back halls. But she was persistent in her persiut, to get ahold of me.

One day while I was helping a friend set up his display of sewing machines at the local Sales depots where everything from Guns and knives, to boats and RVs, Cars and Trucks ect. I ran into my ex wife and her mother, she was looking around and her mother was working one of the concession booths. Then about three years ago an old friend of mine who knew both of us was driving for a pizza company that we had ordered pizza from and when he delivered the pizza he had told me that my ex had put a ten thousand dollar hit on my head.He had also told me that she was still hooked on Cocaine and Crystal Meth, I told him I left because she started doing cocaine and even stole the rent money for it but I didn’t know she was on Crystal Meth something she must have started after I left, I also told him to tell, her where I had lived, hadn’t heard nothing more about it. The last time I had seen her, I was in the basement and my wife of 19 years, started yelling for me when I got upstairs she said is that your first wife, I said yes. Now this was the first time my wife or son https://thoughtzfrommyheart.wordpress.com/2011/01/10/a-10-year-old/
had even seen my first wife. Needless to say, I have been with my second wife for almost 19 years, and after numerous churches I have started to really feel a pull on my heart and the pain is so heavy that it is weighing on me to write.

Part 3


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