New Change:

This post isn’t going to be about all the pain, heartache, and sorrow. That is why I have decided to headline it

New Change

. The better parts of my life is when when I was in my mid teens and could go on those long haul trips with my father in his semi. One trip in particular was a trip through the Rocky Mountains the sunsets there are the most beautiful sites sure there other places you can find to get beautiful sunsets its just I haven’t been to them, and being born in Colorado, That is my home, the mountains you have no obstructions blocking your view,Rocky Mountian Sunsets

Its like trying to see the stars at night in the city, not a very good view. But the best thing about these trips is the time spent with my father and the long talks we were able to have without all the interruptions. These talks didn’t just include the abuse either the a majority of the talks were about are days as adults, what I did after I moved out on my own and his many trips across the U.S. When he decided to come down from the long hauls and go local so he could be home every night, I took a few trips with him to Chicago, and we would then talk about all the times he got caught in downpours that were so bad that you couldn’t see out your window, which delayed you. Getting caught in a few tornadoes down south and hurricanes, and many thunderstorms  which by the way I got caught in one back when one hit the East Coast in early 90″s, it was a real treat, although we were bob tailing (empty trailer) and that was blowing the trailer  all over the road, we went as far as we could before it got to dangerous and we had to stop. 

English: The East coast region of the United S...

English: The East coast region of the United States. Vermont, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia (maroon) do not include any Atlantic Ocean coastline but are commonly considered to be part of the region. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back to the story of the trip with my dad. We had a great time, at the truck stops also, and then all of a sudden my dad would blurt out stories about being in that same truck stop and seeing a family member that we didn’t even know we had or one that he knew but because we didn’t have money like us they don’t want to associate with us. Then he would talk about another truck stop down the road that has the best desserts, stake and eggs, ect. Another thing we would talk about is what would be the best highways to travel to make a trip faster, the way to go to avoid the most weigh stations, or what highways and where the the state police or county mounty would be hiding, that was his life since he returned from the military in 76 so for thirty plus years that was his first home and the only reason why I say that was his first home is because he was gone more than

Denos 6 & 85 Truck stop, Commerce City, Colora...

Denos 6 & 85 Truck stop, Commerce City, Colorado (USA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

he was home, only because he had nine children to pay bills for, so he had to bring in the money to pay bills. But that didn’t matter, that is what gave him the stories that he was able to pass on to me later when we went on these trips with him and when we have time to visit even now. So I end this with a quote ” If you have children whether you are a mother or a father even those grand parents can chip in, pass those stories on”  IE and that doesn’t mean just the old standby that I heard by all the the generations before me, “When I was your age we walked through snow up to our knees and blizzards that froze your nose hairs, those our funny, but a little more of life experiences, like how dad put tools in my hand and taught me how to change the oil or mom put you in the kitchen and taught me how to cook pancakes, or fried chicken. Now have fun all those young mothers and mothers to be, and mothers yet to come, spill the beans and fathers let them get greasy, let them help you with repairs on the house, Grand Parents share your stories and pass on any traits you can so they can become a jack-of- all  trades and not have to call a plumber, take there car to the service shop for minor repairs, change a plain over head light source such as a dining room light in a light with a ceiling fan ect. and pass these on so the can pass them down to their children, such as Grandmas’ Famous Peanut Butter Cookies, Fudge, Ect.


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