Open Ears:

I may have had some rough times as a child, but it has turned out for the best in the long run. I have been blessed with a great wife who loves me unconditionally . Three children who have been very good to me through all my faults. I have a better relation ship with my dad, even though I don’t talk to him much and usually when the conversation starts it starts when I call him about his bank information, sometimes we can talk for fifteen minutes or more depending on whats going on.

Sure some people in my family say I shouldn’t do his banking for him, and some are mad, because I have been allowed to see what he has in his account, but that is all I can do, at the present time due to where he lives he has trouble getting internet reception and is not very computer savey,  there are a couple of people up there who are but I will not go into detail as to why he wont allow that to go into their hands.  I can’t withdraw money or write checks. Sure I feel that this shouldn’t be the only reason to call my dad and start a conversation, or ask him next time he comes into town for a doctors appointment to stop by for coffee. He has always had this saying the phone works two ways, but for a long time it has only worked one way even before I was doing his banking. Through him a couple of things I have also found many family members through Facebook that I haven’t met, but called and talked to for more than an hour.
I mentioned in the last post the trips in the semis across the Rocky Mountains .

The long talks are another thing I have told my older children Slik and Angela don’t hesitate to wake me up in the middle of the night if you ever need to talk which both of them have done. I haven’t told my youngest son that yet because at the present time he uses every excuse in the book to stay up as long as he can on school nights as he can as it is, or during the day when he is supposed to be doing his home work, he will try to throw in a conversation in there and say he needs to talk as a to procrastinate his homework and what he talks about is something that could have waited until homework was done. But the time is coming soon “not to say he hasn’t” when he was younger after a night mare as all youngsters do to their parents. School is getting out soon and because he is reaching the age where girls are coming into the picture.This  special phrase will have to be extended to him also.  I can just remember times when Angela would wake me up in the middle just to play a couple of games of cards because she couldn’t get to bed after her father passed away.

When she had her first child and night after night it when it became feeding time and I would sneak into their bedroom and get her to feed her so Angie could get some much needed sleep, it was nice to help some one out, in that way because when Jr was born, I wasn’t home much working from 8 to 17 hrs on any given day not more than three  day a week but then the usual 8 hr shifts the rest of the week. Slik on the other hand would wake me up to talk about something that was said or happened earlier in the day. I have always been available to talk to my children or my wife if she has a problem and needs an open ear. In the early years Slik and I would have talks during the day mainly because at the mid to upper teens he didn’t live with us. So when he came out and needed to talk it would be then that something would come up, usually on the weekend because he also worked as well.

My point to this whole story is even though, I have to initiate the conversations with my father you never know when it is going to be the last time you talk to whose you know or someone you can help  open your ears to anyone who needs them anytime of the day or night, whether they would like feed back or just someone to listen to them.  Such as a baby crying when it is feeding time, needs a change or just some attention. Please take the time. Open an ear and if you have a case such as my youngest son who likes to procrastinate or likes to hear himself talk, like Slik has said I have agreed with , ask if it is something that can wait, then go from there.

I have heard stories of people who have opened their ears and responded back to someone who needed it and saved someone from killing themselves just because they had no one else to talk to and soon after they have came across them again and the words Thank You came from his mouth, by you opening your ears and talking to me and your kindness has stopped me from killing myself,  because I found someone who has showed me that there are people out here who care for the lost and lonely like myself.  The soon tears began to flow from the both of them because the gentlemen who opened his ears realized just how lonely this man was and how close he was to death. The other cried because he soon became a permanent resident of the gentle mans home.


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      Thank you very much for the compliment, I only post what is in my heart my living, sometimes my strategies as to how I get new posts such as rerouting other bloggers posts with their permission of course case in general where I had taken A fellow bloggers post on bulling and flipped it around to where a kids had a teen bullied but a town had come together to help that teen get the things she needed for her prom and posted a link to her blog in my blog if you haven’t read it here is the link


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