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It has been a wonderful time and challenge blogging on Word Press. I have been Blogging on Daily Journal for over two years, prior to that I have had two other blog sites here on WP which I have also enjoyed posting on. But as I moved and got older my life aspects have changed and some of my Ideology has also changed, that is why I now longer post to the other site, I have recently been on the other sites and I see I am still getting hits on the other sites but due to the fact have a busy schedule with the upkeep of my house and also posting not only to this site, but also to for Poetry Tuesday not being able to think straight much anymore and constant headaches due to medical, I have been lacks on posting on this site. This is a sad situation for me because as I said I like blogging, It not only gives me a chance to relax but also a chance to express my feelings. After all I didn’t name my site Thoughtzfrommyheart for nothing, what I say on this site is just that. This post expresses just that, the thought that it saddens me that I haven’t taken more time to express my thoughts. I used to stay up late at night so I could do just that take the time and make my posts with out being interrupted, but now it has reached the point where the headaches attack and the eyelids get heavy, thought pattern retreat to the innermost parts of the brain.

Example I had a poem wrote out last night and ready for Poetry Tuesday  I tried writing this at 9:00 p.m last night, when I usually do my best work by 2:30 when I went to bed I had finished. My morning started out, with the author of the site, waking me up for another reason after we talked, I Thanked him for the wake up call, he said your welcome, then he says that was meant to be sarcastic, I said no. It is Poetry Tuesday, I need to get the poem posted. Reading over the poem, I found it had no meaning, words were out of place or missing, so when I tried to rewrite a new poem for the site this morning, it took me from 9 am until almost 10:30 to finally get it done and posted. It is a sad situation and another reason why I don’t post to the other sites that I used to when I first started with Word Press back in the last 90s’. The previous poem only took me approximately a forty five minutes to an hour to write a retype, always hard coping on paper for the simple reason of that poems always hit when I am not home or the computer is being used. As I continue to type this post I realize as much as I want to continue I have to end due to a headache not allowing my eyelids to stay focused on the keys or screen.

Thank you fellow bloggers and followers for understanding the thoughtzfrommyheart


7 thoughts on “Blog Roles

    1. balding2soon Post author

      OH did you think You were getting rid of me that easy NOT happening! I am not going anywhere 🙂 Just got up and was having a rough morning as I put in my post here. Also Blogging is my way of relaxing so don’t think I am going OUT 🙂


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