The Bald Eagle:

Bald Eagle

The most natural form of freedom, a graceful bird although it is almost extinct, making a comeback many
people still see it today in various places, near waterways in the highest of tree tops. As the years continue to rush past the bald eagle continues to soar through the air still visible. A bird of prey only eating what it needs to survive or feed it’s baby. I wish I could see more of these in our skies than those of the military kind which kill more than it needs, it is sad that it isn’t only the insurgents and our military but also the innocent as well (weak).
Which brings me back to the Bald eagle true fact the Bald eagle lays two eggs but only one will survive, because the biggest (bully) will push the weakest out of the nest.
Bring back the birds of PEACE

military jets

Unlike the many different forms of military fighters that pass overhead not very often do people see them unless you live near a base on a base or are in a combat zone. However unlike the Bald Eagle which stands for peace, these military fighters fight to keep that peace that we have had and earned for many  years.
Many times, due to the fact I live near The Gerald R Ford International Airport, I have seen military aircraft fly in and out of the airport mostly during the holidays, although during the recent death of Betty Ford. Also A few years ago the President  Bush came in and we had seen Air Force One chopper and a couple of others to camouflage or take turns switching places with the Presidents so no one knew which one was carrying the President , soon after the choppers pasts by I noticed three fighter Jets.

Let these birds rise high and continue to bring us the peace they have fought so hard and some have died for.


4 thoughts on “The Bald Eagle:

  1. T

    I live near the Mississippi River in Missouri. I have often seen the Bald Eagle soaring peacefully in the sky.Thankfully I do not see the military type of Eagle where I live but am thankful for both.

  2. Pure Glory

    In Alaska, we have many bald eagles, resting on the tree tops or soaring in the wind. Also we have many military eagles. May we all wait on the Lord, renew our strength and soar like an eagle!

    1. balding2soon Post author

      I was raised in Alaska for three years after Imy father was transfered from Co. however being to young to remember I can imagine the sight of these magnificent, peaceful yet powerful birds of prey, and yet it is a greatful sight when I do see them near the waters edge and near my home. As for the Birds of the metal type it is mixed emotions because I know what they have been built for, and yet I know that it was this type of bird that gave us the freedom to see the birds of a feather
      We all are waiting,for the renewed strength to soar like eagles, and our prayers go to those who don’t know or have Christian views to follow God and are left behind to suffer.


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