As I had to revise a comment in a previous poem posted on DA
Titled A Friend to the End


I said that God  couldn’t get you out of jail, however people may look at it that he just kept me from going to jail,but I see it that he got me out off jail because it was my as the Monopoly Card Says get out of Jail free. This may be a long post but it goes to show how stupid a stupid act can be saved by a Great Friend

The story goes I was fifteen at the time and with one of my uncles on my moms side, we had gone to the store and picked up some beer. Needless to because I was a minor I waited outside when he came out we had gone back to another uncles house and we drank the beer when that was all gone I had gone to the bank because I had money saved up and withdrew just enough to get another case and gave it to my uncle. We continued back to the store to pick up another case and I had told my uncle to hold on I ran back to the back and withdrew another twenty five dollars and told him to get him and I a pack of cigarettes as well. After returning back to the house to drink the other case. We had just about finished when we decided to get stupid and went through the house breaking anything that would break tipping over things, we had  tore the bathtub from it’s foundation and the bathroom sink off the wall. I had taken my hand and in a chopping motion I had sliced all three glass shelves out off the medicine cabinet after which pulling the cabinet off the wall. 

 Moving to the kitchen we had toppled over the stove know the gas had already been shut off  the kitchen sink, we had the turned the refrigerator on its side, now with water spraying from any place that had water flowing to it, we had left. Our quiet walk to my aunts house was soon interrupted by the phrase OH DAMN, I turned to my uncle and said what. He said that him and the uncle who lived at that house was going sell the fridge. Soon we started laughing.

Returning to my aunts we went upstairs and my uncle soon pulled out some more money for beer walking to the corner store expecting to get a case he had enough for a case and a small bottle of vodka, we then returned to my aunts to find the police there, as we entered the officer asked our names and as we answered my aunt spoke up and said they both destroyed my other brothers house now I want them arrested. As soon as I heard her say arrested I passed out from drinking so much falling so hard when I came to I was not only behind bars but also had a lump on my head the size of a softball. Of course the next day my parents were called I was released to them because I was a minor, and I lived in Sparta, Mi and told if I had come back Grand Rapids Mi, until the day I went to court I would have to stay in jail until court. Anyhow I never got word about a court date and over the next few month I continued to wonder about it Finally a year went by and I believe it was my mom I asked what ever came about with the situation, and her exact words were you got a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card. they have decided not to press charges for two reasons.
1. The house was scheduled to be demolished because it wasn’t safe for human occupancy
2. the wanted to convert the whole street in  that area into parking for what is now known as MEDICAL MILE.

Medical mileSo as I said to some it may sound like luck, or God didn’t get me out of jail,
BUT as I see it just because there was other plans for that property and the plan reason
that it was on safe for human inhabitant I could’ve still went to Jail.
This is the one time that God said you get out of jail free don’t push it


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