Loved, Lost, But not Forgotten

Many people loose at least one person that they cherished so mush that they wish they were still here, could come back, wished they were dead so they could see them again or wished they had gone first so they didn’t have to be left here without the one they had lost. I am reminded of this on numerous occasions not because I have lost someone that close to me yet, but when a family member or friend does die I can see the pain and heartache in those left behind. Today I can still see it in my fathers eyes every now and then when my step mothers name is mentioned, My wife name when her fathers name is mentioned, last week we recently lost a cousin on my fathers side the only people that showed any pain were his children and wife of thirty four years. Now every one shows pain differently, such as myself. I have been through so much pain as I child I don’t cry that much, and if I do it hasn’t been over the death of a family member.Believe me with a big family like mine there have been many people pass over the years, some could call me and have called me cold blooded, but what could I say their is alot.
My life was changed in many ways when I got married to my wife Pam, with an already made family, (which let me say didn’t matter I was used to that)  being raised in a home with four step sisters and one step brother. Now the death of my wife and my children blood, step, inlaws, that’s a different story  I still don’t show alot of emotion, sometimes I hold it in, sometimes it isn’t worth it because I wasn’t close enough to the person or the pain to bad to relive it. However the lose of a mother or Father even though the pain and heartache I went through when I was younger from both of them I would cry.
Then again who know I might even be gone before any of them are.
The voice also say alot when a person is pain at the lose of a close family member, point in case below is a link from an adopted niece Bianca H. Morrow who wrote this song for her grandmother who passed away. Keep your ears tuned to the lyrics, and you’ll be able to read between the lines to feel the pain I am talking about.


8 thoughts on “Loved, Lost, But not Forgotten

    1. balding2soon Post author

      I have been doing good just found out that I have a few things wrong with my back and test for epilepsy in Detroit and Ann Arbor, however on top of it all other than that I have had writers block, I am going to try to write more often

  1. Pure Glory

    It is good to hear from you. By the stripes of Jesus you have been healed and the healing in your back and body will manifest soon. You are a talented writer. There are times I break writer’s block by journaling what is going on with me or by waiting on the Lord to hear what he has to say to me and writing it. Blessings over you and your family! 🙂

    1. balding2soon Post author

      It is funny because that is just what has happened to me. I have been having a hard time. I just celebrated my 20th anniversary the 13th of this month, but in the last two months I have heard about 2 divorces and 1 on the rocks, todays economy is hard on alot of people. I can’t say that is the situation with those however, other than the lose (death of the spouse), money is the number one reason for divorces, today but it has been for a long time, it has just gotten worse as the economy has declined

  2. Pure Glory

    Congratulations on your 20th anniversary of your marriage. Lack of money can stress folks but I believe your priorities need to be in order. When you put God first in everything, including honoring him with your first fruits, he takes care of you. Jesus had Peter catch a fish and said he would find a coin that would pay for both of their taxes. It happened just this way. I have a car that is 15+ years old and have been faithful in giving to God and helping others. My car has run without very many repairs. The repairs have cost about $90 a year which I attribute to God watching over me. He promises that when he is our shepherd we will not lack. Daily I depend on him to supply all my needs. Occasionally, I get into fear but then get my eyes back on the Lord and soak in his marvelous love. There is a saying that what you feared most, came on you. If you can release the worries to God and praise him for provision, things change for the better. The economy has been shaky because God wants us to trust in him not ourselves. God is blessing you and keeping you in the midst of the storm. He never fails although everything else may!

    1. balding2soon Post author

      That’s why I have always told myself that they too are going through tests when they are going through troubles, although if they put god first they will get through them.


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