The Joys of Life:

Many of us know there is alot of fun in life that we can make if we just set our minds and find it. Most kids now are so wrapped up in computers video games, dvd, televisions ect.
Think back to the days when those things sounding like something that most people would say OH that will never happen. I don’t know how many readers I have now, but I can say for myself and those readers that are here, their parents and grandparents have shared stories about not even having a tv, their fun was reading books playing outside with friends or finding something to do by themselves. Which I am sure happened and still happens to his day quite often when friends are off with their family other friends, or if you moved to a different home and had to make new friends, yes I went through that. It was extremely exciting when it was family night were the brothers and sisters got together to play a game or just hang out, and few and far between when mom and dad could join us even if we could just sit and talk, which was another story. However the fun for me wasn’t just hanging out with family and friends, but as I mentioned sometimes alone reading, doing a puzzle, or walking the city streets as a child around the age of five I started walking the heart downtown  Grand Rapids, Mi., first it was with my uncles and then soon I was doing it by myself and as I began moving from home to home, do to troubles within the home life,
it was spread out throughout Grand Rapids, and its’ suburb Walker, mid teens I lived in Sparta and was walking around Sparta as well as the outlying areas, and just seeing the beauty of the different areas of the cities and country. Lookout Hill a popular hangout which I shouldn’t have to go into details of how it received it’s name, but it also has a great view  of various directions of  the city, as well as some beautiful seasonal views of fall color changes winter views and sun rise and sets.

images (3)

Walking was and is still a great pleasure and time waster for me. Sure I don’t have very many places to walk to anymore, most of my family lives to far north and it would talk at least a day for me to get there and the rest of the family, by the time I reached their home it would be time to head back home, but all the same the walk is there and each walk is different every day you see something that wasn’t there the day before. Such as a factory that was once a mainstay for years closed down a few years back is now part of a Christian Based Counseling Organization as well as a few other things and the offices for the factory for the once mainstay plant still occupy front part of the plant. A house that once sat behind a Meijers store was bought by Meijers, tore out and now the drive for the loading docks sit where the yard once sat, and even though there has been nothing changed as I described in the past phrase, don’t think there isn’t something there.

It could be something as minute as an old dilapidated home that had been torn down a new home built, or a old business had reopened. The sites can be enormous, however they don’t have to big in size, just in quality. The smallest change could be the most amazing change you could ever see.  Look at the sky during the day and watch the clouds collide to form different shapes or thin out, as well as the big thick one. Look into the night sky at the stars, catch a glimpse of Orion, the Big and Small Dippers and if you’re lucky maybe even a shooting star. So Please I am asking the next time you take a trip and for those of you who still have children at home, take a trip the way you used to, without the mp3, tvs’ dvds’ psps’ and cell phones, off course parents take your cell for emergencies ONLY.

Have fun with your children,, see what they are doing, play a game of quiz, spelling bees’ math, see if your younger children can answer questions that you feel they should be able to answer from school, teach them things that you were taught, and if the get a little lippy, respond by saying ok (mr.) (miss) smarty whatever the case may be, if you know than you tell me.

If they say I don’t want to talk or I am bored say ok then look out the window, watch the clouds transform, ect.


One game we used to play on long trips was we would look for out of state license plates, however now there is also the personalized plates also so look for those as well. One rule and only one is there must be atleast two people see the plate for it to count.  It doesn’t even have to be long trips either. Give it a try, Guaranteed they’ll have a ball. Have each child take turns, switch writing down the state,   DON’T  write down the plate number. I know it could be a problem and you might be questioning how am I supposed to know if I haven’t already seen that plate and documented it if I don’t right down the plate number.  I am sorry to say but it is against the law to document plate numbers unless it is for the purpose of reporting a crime, and it is also territory that most wouldn’t want to step into.
Low and behold as I was in the backyard talking to my son I was looking at the clouds and seen some beautiful forms I thought these would be some great shots for the post I had just finished, so I asked my son if he had quick access to his camera and he said no so I had to come upstairs to get mine and took the shots posted above. HINT HINT take a few minutes and just scroll the skies and see what you find!


Going to Heaven

How children can catch you off guard in the midst of a serious question such as the one you asked, but yet their answer is also true.


childrenI was testing the children in my Sunday school class to see if they understood the concept of getting to heaven. I asked them, “If I sold my house and my car, had a big garage sale and gave all my money to the church, Would that get me into Heaven?”

“NO!” the children answered.

“If I cleaned the church every day, mowed the yard, and kept everything neat and tidy, would that get me into Heaven?” Again, the answer was, “NO!”

By now I was starting to smile. Hey, this was fun! “Well, then, if I was kind to animals and gave candy to all the children, and loved my husband, would that get me into Heaven?” I asked them again.

Again, they all answered, “NO!”

I was just bursting with pride for them. “Well,” I continued, “then how can I get into Heaven?”

A five-year-old boy shouted out…

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Many People or One

It has always been said that many people can do many things that’s true, but one person can also do many things. It may take longer to accomplish than with many people but it can be done The difference is as you finish on task you can go onto a more menial task and accomplish one or two of the those, relax for awhile even a day then continue. Start the next day with a couple of small tasks and move to a more time consuming task.

Here I am writing this post and as I do I think of the many things I could do, things that would take time by myself, things that I need to do by myself because it is something I must do myself and then there is the fact that I just wont ask because they are so menial there is no need for help. Sometimes I just don’t ask for help because I can move faster when I am by myself and I don’t have to worry about having someone in the way. But I have been getting to lax in my duties and need to get back into my roll as a husband, father, and homeowner. I do my own painting when needed because if a mess is made it gets picked up right then and I can’t blame anyone for the job isn’t done right. I do most of the repairs on my vehicles if i can, and yes I even do the house cleaning, laundry, dishes ect.

I also do the the tasks of a man such as repairs that need to be done within the home, vehicle and alike within my capabilities which I love and live to do. There is nothing more that I look forward than repairs. Yes sometimes I get overwhelmed, with all that needs to be done especially when to many things compile at once like a wall needs to be painted, a drain backs up due to tree roots growing through the sewer pipes out at the road so then I have to get the painting all the while try to keep what I can with the sewer until I can get a plumber out to take care of the drain, and that could be a problem in itself when itself when it happens on the weekend which it used to.

There is always one thing that stands beside me and everyone else has, if alot of people  would look for. Most would know where this is going and sure I am no stranger to this but yes I haven’t been following this path however my goal is to strive and working on this path is getting there.

Triads is a group that has been formed and  in session for years at church that we attend and my son author  of has invited me to attend as well as getting a word in every so often if not every day to read my Bible daily, a gift from him and his wife  to help me to reach this goal.   I am not saying that I can’t rely on God, I know He is there and will help me when I struggle, but I also know that He will let me struggle awhile to see if I can figure it out on my own. But as every one who knows God will not give you more than you can handle.

If one person can’t do it because it is a project made for two or more than you need to find more, as many as you need however you still will need some help from the One and Only that is above all else. No one can see Him, but he is there, and even though you think you are doing it all yourself, your not.

Lets go back and look at it from the sidelines

If it weren’t for God

1. You wouldn’t be here to do the job yourself if possibly
2. You wouldn’t have the friends to help you couldn’t
3. You wouldn’t have the materials or tools needed

Break it all down God design us all without Him we are nothing, With Him we are everything.
So do all thing in the Name and for The Glory of God!


As I had to revise a comment in a previous poem posted on DA
Titled A Friend to the End

I said that God  couldn’t get you out of jail, however people may look at it that he just kept me from going to jail,but I see it that he got me out off jail because it was my as the Monopoly Card Says get out of Jail free. This may be a long post but it goes to show how stupid a stupid act can be saved by a Great Friend

The story goes I was fifteen at the time and with one of my uncles on my moms side, we had gone to the store and picked up some beer. Needless to because I was a minor I waited outside when he came out we had gone back to another uncles house and we drank the beer when that was all gone I had gone to the bank because I had money saved up and withdrew just enough to get another case and gave it to my uncle. We continued back to the store to pick up another case and I had told my uncle to hold on I ran back to the back and withdrew another twenty five dollars and told him to get him and I a pack of cigarettes as well. After returning back to the house to drink the other case. We had just about finished when we decided to get stupid and went through the house breaking anything that would break tipping over things, we had  tore the bathtub from it’s foundation and the bathroom sink off the wall. I had taken my hand and in a chopping motion I had sliced all three glass shelves out off the medicine cabinet after which pulling the cabinet off the wall. 

 Moving to the kitchen we had toppled over the stove know the gas had already been shut off  the kitchen sink, we had the turned the refrigerator on its side, now with water spraying from any place that had water flowing to it, we had left. Our quiet walk to my aunts house was soon interrupted by the phrase OH DAMN, I turned to my uncle and said what. He said that him and the uncle who lived at that house was going sell the fridge. Soon we started laughing.

Returning to my aunts we went upstairs and my uncle soon pulled out some more money for beer walking to the corner store expecting to get a case he had enough for a case and a small bottle of vodka, we then returned to my aunts to find the police there, as we entered the officer asked our names and as we answered my aunt spoke up and said they both destroyed my other brothers house now I want them arrested. As soon as I heard her say arrested I passed out from drinking so much falling so hard when I came to I was not only behind bars but also had a lump on my head the size of a softball. Of course the next day my parents were called I was released to them because I was a minor, and I lived in Sparta, Mi and told if I had come back Grand Rapids Mi, until the day I went to court I would have to stay in jail until court. Anyhow I never got word about a court date and over the next few month I continued to wonder about it Finally a year went by and I believe it was my mom I asked what ever came about with the situation, and her exact words were you got a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card. they have decided not to press charges for two reasons.
1. The house was scheduled to be demolished because it wasn’t safe for human occupancy
2. the wanted to convert the whole street in  that area into parking for what is now known as MEDICAL MILE.

Medical mileSo as I said to some it may sound like luck, or God didn’t get me out of jail,
BUT as I see it just because there was other plans for that property and the plan reason
that it was on safe for human inhabitant I could’ve still went to Jail.
This is the one time that God said you get out of jail free don’t push it

To Fish or Not

SunriseAs the sun rises in the morning, the red glare is admiring
The boat masts are seen in the distance, winds blowing them with now resistance
Their bow bobbing up and down, like a car going through the hills of town
The fish swim near, with nothing to fear
The sailors look at them in awe, wondering what kind they saw
Soon they look towards the sky,seeing the red sun decline
The sailors warning, tomorrow isn’t going to be a great morning
Getting tossed at sea, not going to be a cup of tea
Waves crashing over the bow and sides, with the ocean tides
sailboat tossed at sea

Deciding it best to stay tied at the dock, loosing time at the clock
Better safe for another day, to see the sunrise and and set of another day

The Bald Eagle:

Bald Eagle

The most natural form of freedom, a graceful bird although it is almost extinct, making a comeback many
people still see it today in various places, near waterways in the highest of tree tops. As the years continue to rush past the bald eagle continues to soar through the air still visible. A bird of prey only eating what it needs to survive or feed it’s baby. I wish I could see more of these in our skies than those of the military kind which kill more than it needs, it is sad that it isn’t only the insurgents and our military but also the innocent as well (weak).
Which brings me back to the Bald eagle true fact the Bald eagle lays two eggs but only one will survive, because the biggest (bully) will push the weakest out of the nest.
Bring back the birds of PEACE

military jets

Unlike the many different forms of military fighters that pass overhead not very often do people see them unless you live near a base on a base or are in a combat zone. However unlike the Bald Eagle which stands for peace, these military fighters fight to keep that peace that we have had and earned for many  years.
Many times, due to the fact I live near The Gerald R Ford International Airport, I have seen military aircraft fly in and out of the airport mostly during the holidays, although during the recent death of Betty Ford. Also A few years ago the President  Bush came in and we had seen Air Force One chopper and a couple of others to camouflage or take turns switching places with the Presidents so no one knew which one was carrying the President , soon after the choppers pasts by I noticed three fighter Jets.

Let these birds rise high and continue to bring us the peace they have fought so hard and some have died for.

Blog Roles

It has been a wonderful time and challenge blogging on Word Press. I have been Blogging on Daily Journal for over two years, prior to that I have had two other blog sites here on WP which I have also enjoyed posting on. But as I moved and got older my life aspects have changed and some of my Ideology has also changed, that is why I now longer post to the other site, I have recently been on the other sites and I see I am still getting hits on the other sites but due to the fact have a busy schedule with the upkeep of my house and also posting not only to this site, but also to for Poetry Tuesday not being able to think straight much anymore and constant headaches due to medical, I have been lacks on posting on this site. This is a sad situation for me because as I said I like blogging, It not only gives me a chance to relax but also a chance to express my feelings. After all I didn’t name my site Thoughtzfrommyheart for nothing, what I say on this site is just that. This post expresses just that, the thought that it saddens me that I haven’t taken more time to express my thoughts. I used to stay up late at night so I could do just that take the time and make my posts with out being interrupted, but now it has reached the point where the headaches attack and the eyelids get heavy, thought pattern retreat to the innermost parts of the brain.

Example I had a poem wrote out last night and ready for Poetry Tuesday  I tried writing this at 9:00 p.m last night, when I usually do my best work by 2:30 when I went to bed I had finished. My morning started out, with the author of the site, waking me up for another reason after we talked, I Thanked him for the wake up call, he said your welcome, then he says that was meant to be sarcastic, I said no. It is Poetry Tuesday, I need to get the poem posted. Reading over the poem, I found it had no meaning, words were out of place or missing, so when I tried to rewrite a new poem for the site this morning, it took me from 9 am until almost 10:30 to finally get it done and posted. It is a sad situation and another reason why I don’t post to the other sites that I used to when I first started with Word Press back in the last 90s’. The previous poem only took me approximately a forty five minutes to an hour to write a retype, always hard coping on paper for the simple reason of that poems always hit when I am not home or the computer is being used. As I continue to type this post I realize as much as I want to continue I have to end due to a headache not allowing my eyelids to stay focused on the keys or screen.

Thank you fellow bloggers and followers for understanding the thoughtzfrommyheart