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Many times it is easy to have or to atleast say that you have a great marriage, no problems, ect. Most times it isn’t the case, Problems arise from the lie ( there are no problems ). People need to confess their faults. Be truthful, with their spouses and family and friends. The trust of these people all depend on the honesty from all.

Ex. Recently I had a secret I was hiding from my wife ( no it wasn’t infidelity )  this was going on for about three months. But the point is when I finally told her it was a big surprise to her and a blow to her, however telling her was a big weight off me. Sure she mixed feelings, she didn’t like the situation, but she was thankful for the honesty. I know she thinks about it.
Being honest will help in many ways, and if every one stops to think about the first part of this line you can come up with the many ways themselves.

With marriage that is sometimes the hardest thing to do, first your relationship starts as a friendship and if honesty isn’t in the relationship one hundred percent before the wedding and the other finds out, is there going to be a wedding second if there is a wedding is there going to be a divorce because the dishonesty, if a person is  because the first thing people intend to look at the divorce card or worse (especially in these days). However with mine, I have failed my wife so many times so could have very easily found a legit reason to leave. and we have been married for 20 years as of  5-13, but we have been able to keep are marriage together,

This principal also goes for friends, a person is only going to call you friend as long as you are honest with them.  Yes a move in residence may happen on either side but if a friendship does not end on a good note, there wont be the ability to communicate after the move is done won’t be there.
This friendship may resurface later down the road but there will be alot of trust rebuilding and sometimes the slightest mistake could end it all over again, usually never to resurface.
Another situation which also included my wife at our 20th anniversary was a relationship breaker between my father and I, when I didn’t receive an invite,  he found out when I posted pictures I received a call from him the last word he said to me was Goodbye and hung up.
Fathers Day morning I posted Happy Fathers Day to all fathers including my father who is upset with me at the present time. The next morning I received a call from him with a Happy Fathers’ Day in turn I said Happy Fathers Day to him, he proceeded to tell me it was a joke, later he says well how would you feel if your son didn’t invite you. My response to that was “Apparently there was a reason for it” his response was ” I’ll call you later he still hasn’t. “Oh well”  There in lies the problem when you say you going to do some do it or don’t say you will, if you did something be honest and say you did.  That is something my dad was always trying to tell me. but like some kids it takes adult hood to get it through their thick head. Then they look back and say mom and/or dad was right. Sometimes it takes loosing someone.

In closing please follow the advise of everyone that has told you,  Be honest  “Honesty is the best Policy “


The Lords Blessings For All Involved

Friendships are very hard to come by, but last Sunday July 17, 2011 we had a major heat heat wave come across the states and a young man had been riding his bike, as he turned from Millbrook onto Kalamazoo Ave his cart tire that was connected to his bike had hit the curb and and his bike over turned needless to say all his things on the cart had fallen off and scattered on the curb and roadside, so my oldest son had ask his wife to go and help him if she could help him pick up his things, being that he might be more accepting to receiving of the help from a female than a male, Gladly he accepted. After everything was picked up, she asked him if he would like some water and something to eat, and he accepted she made him a sandwhich, some vegetables, and give him a cold bottle of water, in the meantime my son came in and woke me up to talk to me about the situation because the young man was asking for directions to get to one of the missions downtown. By this time I had gotten up and been informed of the situation in full and had talk it over with my about him staying here because it was late and the missions had already stopped taking in for the night, of course it was my oldest sons idea, being of good heart and I had to agree that it would be the best thing being that late, and the cart alone he would just be asking for trouble if he had gone down town, someone would defeintly jump him for the things on his cart, and then finding out his bike was a Mongoose mountian bike alone would probably get him severly hurt if not even killed eventhough he spent a few years in the service it would do much good down there if someone didn’t want that bike bad enough. So when I received word that he had road from Middleville which is about 40 miles from my house. When I found out that he had come this distance and was hungry I had come back into the house and served up a plate of speghetti for him and corn and brought it back out to him as well as glass of ice with a can of pop and we had talk for some time and then he had mentioned to me about the mission, and I said we it is a good thing you had brought that up because, I am opening my door for you to stay the not only the night, but also until the heat wave breaks, beacuse the fact of his things would be stolen and some of the things he had could even get him get him killed or arrested, if he refused to give them up and got into a fight and hurt someone with his military background then he would loose more than maybe just his bike if that’s what they wanted. I told him he could leave when ever wanted, I wasn’t forcing him to stay but I wished he would atleast stay atleast until the heatwave was over, because he said he was heading for Muskegon, He gladly accepted, at this point he was almost through with his meal and I had told him there more in the fridge if he wanted more he said no thanks, at that point I said there is one rule when it comes to food, if you walk away from the table hungry it is your own fault, I always try to prepare enough for all my family I am usually the last one to eat if there isn’t any left I will find something else to eat, sometimes I will eat nothing, which isn’t good for someone with my medical condition and yes I do get flack from family members. After the heat wave had been active for a couple of days he said that he would like to stay until the first of the month, I had reminded him that my door was open as long as he needed it,by now many small tokens had passed back and forth between myself my oldest son and his wife and him, then one day he had said that his VA had came through so that would help him catch up on some bills that he needed to catch up on. Then He gave me a gift in the form of a check of undisclosed amount. This young gentleman has been here now for 9 days, and the fun we have had just the two of us or with my wife included or maybe the whole house it feels like a month has gone by and I, could never have asked for a better young man to stay at my home then him. It almost feels as if I have picked up another son which would be Just fine with me (not to replace his own parents), But in alot of ways he reminds me of my oldest (SON OF MUCH KNOWLEDGE) I have even given him a key to my home so if he was out late and we had come in after we went to bed, he could get in, without waking others up. I could never replace another childs biological parents no matter how much they wanted me to or for that matter how much I wanted to. I have given him a phone # that will ring my home, cell and computer, so even if we are out we will always get a call. The worst thing that’s happened to him so far is he went to a park to play disc golf and someone stole his bike, so he calls me from the Wyoming Police Department to let me know that he was going to be awhile, so he could file a police report in the meantime I am outside talking to my oldest Children and I told my oldest daughter to go wake up my wife so we could go pick him up from the police station, he said he would talk to the police and see if they could drop him off some place to get a new bike, next thing we knew he was in the yard with a different bike and a different type of lock, and mentioned that the police said they usually find the bike by the next day. Update he has decided to get a car to take instead of a bike for his long journey but also received noticed from Wyoming police that they recovered his bike so he has to go and get that today. The only two things I would like to do now is maybe in some way talk to his parents and let them know he much of a pleasure it was to have their son as a guest in my home and that my door will always be open when he needs a place to lay his weary head. And to let him know how how much he will be missed!