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This post is going to be a strange one !
Recently we had a tornado hit a few miles south of us. Wood TV 8 has detailed stories and videos from land and air of the destruction. As I was in the basement doing some laundry I heard my wife yelling then my son run down stairs with my granddaughter, some time later I came upstairs to hear the stories of how the blind in the dining room by my wife had gone straight up as if someone was raising it, the empty pop cans in my son- in- laws  room had begone to swirl around the room in circles. What had happened was we had been caught in the outer winds of this tornado. We had no clue what had happened until later early morning when it was delcared an EF -1  that had just formed out of no where without warning the National Weather Service didn’t even see it on radar.  It had taken down a tree across the street pulling up a good chunck of the sidewalk with it and blocking the first lane northbound,The next day I went out and found some branches on the ground, the drainspout was knocked of the S.W. corner of the house and one of the shingles was found on the ground, a mile down the road a buildings roof caved in, trees where down all over the place, one house across the street to the North ended up with a tree in his frontroom. I had relief mostly that no one was hurt but it hit that all the families that lost their homes.

Enough of the errie stuff over the next couple of days while I was out doing other things I thought to myself Thank God we could have gotten worse.  The next morning I received a call from my dad asking if we were ok because he had seen on the news that the tornado had hit near us so I had told him what little damage we received, thinking the whole time why was he worried or even called because I hadn’t even heard from him in probably a couple of weeks because of a little situation we had between us, but that only goes to say that through the worst of times family is still there to check on you when you don’t realize or expect it. I didn’t even know that he had seen the news, but I think he watched the news after he got a glimpse of my sisters facebook page after it was posted to my wifes wall. So while others had to rebuild  fix wholes in their roofs, clean up debri, and all the other things that need to be taken care of when a tornado rips through the area, all I had to worry about was a few branches, a shingle and hanging upside down from the roof to fix the drainspout. As if that wasn’t scary enough. I would have to say it wasn’t the first time I have had to make this (dasterdly blood rushing to the brian chore,) but it was something that had to be done. While I was up on the roof after the job was done and I was no longer hanging upside, I still had a feeling of I had God to thank for the little damage that we did receive and that I had to be Greatful that no one was injured or killed. I still have never been in the path of a tornado, and honestly I don’t want to be.

There was recently a post on Face Book that I would like to share.

Which also brings me to  another saying that I learned along time ago from a pastor/ friend of mine. Don’t ever say good bye, Always see you later, because you never know if that will be the last time you see them in this life, but you will see them again as long as you are living for God.
Now you say it is hard for you to forget something that someone has done to you. Well I say sure it is, No one said it was going to be, I have a hard time forgetting what my dad did to me and all though I have not officially told him I forgive you, I don’t hold a grudge towards him. I chose to go on with my life and although it still hits me know and then, it is like my epilepsy I think about it for a little while and then it is on with my life. Just like most of you some that has happened in your life, you tend to think about it and then it is gone.  Just as that tornado it came in without warning, your loved one or even you could be taken without warning. Another case in point I was in church about a month and a half ago, and about fifteen minutes into the service I noticed a man  leaving the sancturary pushing an older lady out that was in a wheel chair, as they passed me, her left arm went limp and fell off the arm of the wheel chair. I knew then that the family was going to be mourning this lose. It was a big reminder for all who was there and seen the medics after service.

(So Please in closing forgive all who have done you wrong, cherish what you have, love everyone, and live life to the fullest) !



Where in time are you:

“Time is such a precious thing”, we can’t take for granted the little time we have left. While we are here we have so many things left in life that so many things that people can never get all of it done. A list is worthless to make because even if one thing is left undone then the list is not complete. But if you get as many things done you have accomplished something in life. So accomplish as much as you can.

Precious is peace, do not let it cease
Live your life to the fullest, completing the most is best
Do all you can but remember, family comes as more than one member
Your friends are there in the background, so keep them around
Spend it with as many as you can, they are your number one fan
If you have one that is out bring them in, don’t leave earth in sin

As a storm rolls in tonight and I see four fingers from the clouds in the sky
It makes me wonder how serious the storm will be.

My son and I sat on the front deck and watched as the lightening struck from cloud to cloud and we seen numerous strikes, one strike involved multiple bolts. As we stood there watching this and the storm is getting closer and the lightening is also, we realized that we are standing a deck of wood, a great conductor of lightening. But needless to say we stood out there about another half hour talking and watching. There is a great example of how short our time is at any given point in time either one of us or both could have been hit by lightening and taken, but what is wrong with getting a good front row seat at the storms. Have a little fun in life and live free. Be careful and plan wisely, know your limits but have a good time.
So again I am going to ask  Where in time are you? Myself I am 40 with a family, living a life that I have always wanted except for a medical condition, that I must except.  Don’t get me wrong I am not always happy, There are many other struggles in life. But the one thing that does make me happy is the ability to help people when I can.

Make a difference in someones’ life

I have been through some rough times, good times some great times, some terrible times. Through all the negative aspects of life there has been people there to help me through it.  All my life of abuse, foster homes,  getting into trouble with the law, and the thought of not knowing which way my life was going to turn out, whether I was going to end up in jail, prison going on the right track or worse dead. Even with that being done to me I vowed that I will never put my son what I was put through in life, He has heard some of the horrible things I have gone through. Again I haven’t showed him some of the better things that life can give, but most importantly I have always tried to help him by showing him that the smallest things to help someone can always show that person the love is found not just in a family member or friend but also in a stranger.

Now with that being said I still had some one to help me through them. I try to help people with there times of need as well, sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t, the worst problem for me is when I have to tell them I can’t. The other day I was at a grocery store and I seen a customer in the parking lot with a tire that was low on air, I walked up to the car and looked in the tread and told them I could see a nail or some type of metal sticking in the center of the tread, putting air in it would hold for a while but replacement would be necessary before they, lost  a tire, did damage to the alignment or worse. Little things like that are just things that make a difference in a persons life. then you have the bigger adjustments that require a specialist, someone with degree, such as a mechanic who can diagnose an internal problem with the engine who has the right tools to diagnose and fix those issues, a doctor who can help a patient who can deliver a baby, and stop a constant bleeding with the help of many interns, which was  the case with my wife when our son was born. She had a rough pregnancy to began with, at the hospital twice a week, getting tests done,  then one day she had an issue at home where she had to be rushed to the hospital where she had to have an ultrasound and at first she told the technician that she told them that she carried her babies on the left, they came back and said there was no baby there, I then told her in a strong tone trying to hold it together not showing how much I was hurting, God will help us through this. The Tech went and called the family doctor told tech tech there was a baby there was a baby there now she had better find it, so the tech went back and did another ultrasound and sure enough there was a heart beat it was then that I started tearing up, still not wanting to show it, I said thank you Lord as I turned my head so my wife didn’t see me.
I guess by now you can see where this is going,  in case you haven’t, no one can do any thing on their own they need help from someone, yes it is nice to have someone on earth they can talk to or like in my wife’s case the doctor said that even though he had the eight interns there with him to help with the bleeding the blood to replace all the blood that she had lost and the God on his side, “she would not have made it”. Now keep in mind this is from a doctor, and the reason why I expressed this is, I also believe that without GOD in everyone life whether it be myself someone in my life, you our life they would not have the knowledge that they have right know. Granted some of you do not believe in the some God I do, but I can only write as I see the LIFE I live, This is how I live. If it wasn’t for Gods’ intervention, I wouldn’t have survived some of the things I have gone through I have . Some times when we mess with something that God has created, we could put ourselves into a predicament that we don’t understand,  God could have said you are messing with what I have planned for your life, I have killed a part of your brain for a reason and now you are going to have it removed to stop the seizures, or I am going to let you have the surgery, to give the surgeons do this for practice due to the fact that I was a rare case with having three different kinds. But because I have planned this for your life I am going to leave you with the worst kind of Seizure there is.  With this being said without this would there be Neurologists there to help keep seizures under control. God has put a brain in all of us to retain the knowledge that we hold to help other, now matter how big or small it may be, it is our duty to put this knowledge to work to help others. Could this be the case with me, I don’t know.
Can you trust God with your life?

When something goes wrong in your life can you honestly say what was the cause for it. I know I can’t, such as my last attack on May 27 that said I way dehydrated, but I had been drinking water all day and couldn’t figure out how I could become dehydrated in such a short time while I was out mowing the lawn, let me also mention that I also had water A bottle of ice water out side that I was drinking on periodically. I know in my life and can honestly say that I have now answer for what goes on. Can you give a total stranger a bottle of water on a hot summers day when you can see that he/see is sweating or another person a coat in the winter when you can see that he/she is freezing a pair of shoes of your feet when their own are falling apart. I have as I am sure many of you have. It is those small things that show the strangers there are people who care for those who are less fortunate. It is the less fortunate that matter the most, but when you do these things do not look for pay, do it out of the kindness of your heart. When I was younger we could offer strangers a ride and not think twice about it, now there is the issues of false accusations of sexual, physical assault, to the person you picked up, and don’t even think about picking up a child, murder, and this can happen to either the driver or the person picked up. So know all you can do is offer a coat if it is cold, a glass of water if someone comes to your house screaming they are in danger and the police you better pray there is someone there, preferably of the opposite sex so you can get them in you house until the police can get there or charges may be placed upon you for something,  just for trying to help. In one way or another I or someone I know has been in one or more of these situations. I am thankful I not only had my two people with in all situations I was in but most of all I had the LORD by my side. In just a simple case of two adult female strangers coming to my house telling me that someone was chasing them with a gun, I told them to step in and get down I had my wife and daughter there, the Lord kept us all safe so this person(s) didn’t find them until the police arrived and with all three of them give me the protection I needed, against allegations that these two could’ve throw against me. The moral to this story is even though you try to help people by showing love with the knowledge that the Lord has given you, you also have to put the extra knowledge into play, to help protect yourself against the serpent.

Translated for this story
If it had not been for The Lord and my wife and Daughter,  these two victims of the person chasing them with a gun could have, told the police in there desperate time of trouble, looking for a safe place they had seen the light on and quickly came to my house, assuming it was safe at my assuring voice for them to come in for safety, they did so,  (The Serpent) at which time I had taken advantage of one or both of them and they had been there longer than what I had said. Claiming I had supposedly called the cops at a certain time when in fact I had called them later giving me time to do the act. When they didn’t want the police called in the first place.
Even cab drivers have a dangerous job they do their jobs trying to make a living and day after day all they want to day is make it home safe. Most actions in your life you do without looking for payment in return like taking care of your family members when they need a hand, giving a piece of clothing when you see that someone needs it more than you do, giving a helping hand. It doesn’t matter the situation, if you do it go ahead and do it. If you can’t don’t try it. Always be truthful about what you are doing, and whatever you do protect yourself. Use the knowledge that God has given you through generations that has been passed from family member to family member whether it is your family or another families, it all had  to come from GOD. Remember the Brain was designed by him and only HIM.

A poem of Life:

Life has always been a challenge for me, in this poem you will see From a fathers physical abuse, to a mothers drug abuse Bouncing between many foster homes, and my parents homes, I have a medical condition, epilepsy is my position, Brain surgery in 2008, thinking it would work out great
It still continues to this day, I can only say now it is Gods’ will to pick the day,
When an attack hits I get upset, but then I hit the reset, I feel no joy after, just anger and disappointment,
Then I see my family and there is nothing but enjoyment. I find pain every day, wondering will this be the day, I have to much to do, Not today I pray Each day that goes by without an incident Is a day that is filled with encouragement, I keep myself busy, constantly moving trying not to get dizzy.
From working on dishes, to playing video games Sweeping and vaccumning all things in between, will keep my mind keen.