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Never Say Good Bye



Due to Privacy I have chosen to leave some names out:

Saying Good-bye to late:

In my recent post, I referrenced about Never Say Good Bye, Always See You Later, well that didn’t happen this time. Recently our neighborhood had lost a mainstay. My time with 
Here is how I meet  the first Lady I know that lived to 100 years,
I was at her neighbors’ house one day painting his garage doors, that day I had spent a few hours there and had began to tell me about his neighbor, that she had just had  her 100th birthday, within that last couple of weeks. How he and his wife keep watch an eye on her, having been alone since her husbands passing, in the early 2000’s. He proceded to explain how they had never had children, all she had left was her nephew who goes shopping for her and neice takes her for her appointments.
I recieved a call from him the next day stating 
that his neighbor had seen me out painting his garage and would like to hire me to do some painting for her giving me her phone number, so I called her and explained who I was and almost immediatly, she continues to tell me what she wants done. So I  tell her that I am on my way up to find out what exactly needs to be done. She says “Do you want me to open the garage door, I will be waiting at the door, I am thinking to myself she is fiesty to site there that time of the day door unlocked, and alone.”
My reply was not right now, I will call you when I get closer, As I got close enough to where I could see the front door and the garage at the same time, worried about safety.  As I got closer to the garage where I could see better, I seen this very short lady sitting on a walker. Walking into the garage I introduced myself to her and she bluntly says with a stare that made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end, that didn’t talk long, trying to explain that I only lived about a half mile from her she says (this is what I want done).
How many of you (are/were about to hire to do some work for you wouldn’t) want to know more about that person, before you hired him/her. 

 That wasn’t the case with myself, and probably many others.  (Thanks to her neighbor don’t know what you told her but it must have been something nice enough for this Lady to trust me as much as she did, (just keep it to yourself we don’t want it getting out.)

Now as I had ended work for that day we sat in the living room drinking cold coffee and water, tring to figure out what was the next day to finish, she was say well I can’t due Saturday because I have a doctors appointment, and I thought to myself, wait her appointments are on Saturday, I have never heard of that. So I said I could return the following Monday in the afternoon (not really wanting to wait that long) “she replied “thats fine I stay up until around 12 -1 am and gets back up at 5 am to get my house work done” now I am thinking where is she getting all this spunk from, I very seldom catch her taking a nap during the day. When I returned on Monday I called  saying “Hello Sweetie”  and like before she opened the garage door, Now this happened from then on, using one or other door always being greeted  with a smile. We sat for a little while and talked and she began to tell me a little more, about how she had seen me painting her neighbors garage and that she had two other people who had said they would do it but never returned to do the job.
So I told her that I would do the painting she wanted done, she said she would buy the supplies, asking how much I would charge. I told her we would discuss that after the job was done. It took a few days not only was the first area needed a good painting but also I found she had some great history that I could learn from. On this day  That’s when she told me that she had been homebound since her husband  had passed away in 2003, only being able to go out for her appointments. She proceded to tell me that the agency that helps those of her age with handicap ramps would have to pay between $500.00 and $1000.00  what they didn’t tell her was, that was to attach it to the outside of her home not in her garage and that she told them she could afford, it being on a strict income. When she told me that they wouldn’t stop calling and told her that she had to go through them, I told her to tell them if they didn’t her son was going to get on the phone if  I was there, Don’t know if she ever had to.  Now making two handicap ramps within the last 2 years, I looked at her and said I could make a ramp for you, as I said this I told her if it was  fixed to the outside we have to get a builders permit which would cost more and she would have to go by city code which meant a different design or it would have to be put in storage when not in use, after looking out the garage door I said thewe could put one right here and not worry about all the red tape.  The next day, I got started on that project.  I said my son would like to know if she knew anything about the slave days just incase he had history project on this subject, could he ask her about her experience with it. She told me that she would have a paper for me to give him.  Again taking my time, but wanting to make sure that she was safe, and always ending the night with another history lesson, also getting the paper she had wrote for my son.

The day after I went back up to her’ house to finish up and I asked her if she wanted to test it out so after getting her out side she had a great time in the sun and a cool breeze she asked to be left in that spot, have to go somewhere real quick, she says you can leave me here, and I  say that’s not going to happen your niece and nephew will kill me, So happy but sad because she was out but had to go back in to soon. There was another day I had found a map of the of the United States, asking her she told me that she made it as she traveled across the U.S. after she
Soon I had all the work was until summer  of 2015 and visits continued but not as much it was mostly phone calls were more frequent, calling to see how she was.
I had visited her a few other times at home my last being on Thanksgiving Day when I brought her some dinner, turkey the works four or five different desserts bringing a total of about five different storage bowls of different sizes with a reply (OH Thank You) this will last me a week.  until I found out through others that she was in the rehabilitation home due to a  recent fall and chipped a bone in leg. After finding this out I called her neighbor to inform him. So then I visited her at the home three times the most memorable time was on Christmas day, Again I had packaged up a little Christmas Dinner. Only finding out that she was going out with her family for Christmas, Now this made me happy because she was able to get out for Christmas. So the food I brought over was put in fridge for her, (not enough to last a week, the nurses wouldn’t like that).
I stayed there visiting until her neice showed up and I had left in a  hurry not to waste time, so they could get her coat on, to began there Christmas Holiday, Forgetting to say “See you Later”  That was the last day I had a chance to visit with her.

(So Please remember to say “See You Later” because it could be the last time you see them.)




(So Please in closing forgive all who have done you wrong, cherish what you have, love everyone, and live life to the fullest) !
hich is something Mollie did and passed a legacy on for all who knew her.


Change of Heart, Mind and Soul:

The heart can be broken by lifes’ many trials. Abuse, lies, mistrust, dead end roads. All leading to one thing. Many times I have tried to walk the road of Faith following Gods’ guidance, and as many times as I have tried to follow I have failed twenty times over if not more. I have always chalked it up as the trials tribulations, and struggles of life. Which is easier to do then take on the responsibility and say what did I do wrong to cause this problem. Maybe I didn’t have a part in it, but there was a reason for this to come my way. It was predestined for me to have a son even though I didn’t want a child, due to the fact of Epilepsy ran on both sides of my family, God had other plans. Then came to pass that my wife was carrying twins, another trait of the Wright family, but again, God had other plans. We still have one child, at one when we found out that one of the fetuses had not made it, again I questioned God and my trust was broken, I had lost my way. Even though I had told my wife when they told her there was no child there I told her, that the tech that did the ultrasound messed up and missed it. I told her that the baby is there and to have Faith in God even though I had already began to question him and my faith had already deteriorated to the point of nil. The tech came back from talking to our family doctor, and she had told us the doctor said there was a baby in there and she had to do another test, so “LET THE TEST BEGAN” again I waited impatiently and as she continued to probe, I began to hear the heartbeat of an unborn child and my eyes began to tear up as I looked at my wife and said there he is.
As I was typing the last phrase one song came to mind, and again as I listened to it, again my eyes began to tear as I thought about that day when I was in the hospital just standing there one minute questioning God, yet telling my wife to have Faith that God will see all things through and the baby will be there, just fine.

At this point I began to ask myself why would God allow this child to be alive after I questioned him, and let my faith fall so far.  Many years of people lying, abusing, abandoning, denying, mistrusting ect, . I despised it, hated it and didn’t want nothing to do with them. Now I was doing the same thing to God that I despised. Why would he save my child. I stop and think about that every now and then. I mean it isn’t that hard to figure out why, Our God is an Awesome God 

Now as time goes by I began to wonder why I continuously wonder what happened to make things so haphazzard in my life, what I had done to let things get so bad that I let myself get so lost in life that it is so disastrous,I have lost touch with reality sometimes.

I sometimes want to cry but life has been so cruel and hard that my when I hear a sad song see a touching movie, go to a funeral, the most that happens my eyes will water as if I could easily pass it off as a yawn or something is in my eye.
There is a song that I would always tear to 

But the one I really love to listen to is I used to listen to this song alot when I first got married to Pam back in 1994.  At this time we had gone to church every Sunday. At first I thought she was very pushy about going to church and because of my background, I didn’t want nothing to do with the thought of it, but none the less I went putting my feelings aside because of the way I felt for her. I was also a person on my own and when we first got together we would sit on the front porch in the morning every day including Sundays and have drinks including my specialty Manhattans on the rocks. Something told me that all would stop, and I told her then 14 year son that I thought his mother was going to far with this church thing. Needless to say that didn’t last very long and back to the weeks of having drinks everyday, and I thought that was greater than going to church any day. This is also coming from a person who went to church as a child who went to church on Sundays just to get away from getting a beating on Sunday morning before the day can even start. So in retrospect of all this, I would have to say, over the many years of constant
heartaches and abuse and then the heartaches and abuse I have caused to others, the worst of all heartaches and abuse I caused was that I caused to the Lord and even knowing that he sent his Son to die on the Cross to die for our sins, He still loved me enough to give me a son, Loved me enough to save me through all these years,and to help me go through all the trials and tribulations with the love and support of a great Father. For many people it is hard to fathom that one Man can do so many things and be in so many places at one time. But through him all things are possible.  Then comes the time for judgement when we all have to face him to answer for our sins.

When that day comes are you going to be able to answer to those sins and say to God that you are sorry for those sins, can you actually give the Greatest Creator of All an honest and humble answer or will you be awestruck as this song indicates 

At this point in life I could honestly say Lord, You, have sent you Son to die for our sins and washed them away, and that nothing I have done in my time on earth allows me a place in heaven. But when I am face to face, I know I would be the later, not knowing what to say, myself I would be tongue tied and twisted. What about you?

The Lord Answers Again:

Again the Lord has answered another prayer!!
Recently my father had another heart attack and had to undergo a triple bypass, His first major heart attack that happened in Chicago,when three stints had to be put in, the stints had failed, being the stubborn man he was/is, and always will be, he thought it was going to be an easy procedure, like the one in Chicago.I am not sure of all the facts of that surgery because of my medical condition, I couldn’t make the trip to Chicago to be there for that surgery.
Being the age he is and the fact the he already 1 heart surgery (which included 3 stints mentioned above) a couple other smaller heart attacks which didn’t need such major intervention and then this one which was especially hard on him. His lungs were bad due to the many years of smoking and the fact that he was a recipient of the very famous AGENT ORANGE of VIETNAM.Warning the pictures in this link are graphic. However after his stay in the hospital he had gone home and was doing well for awhile. I am glad that he has survived these life taking experiences every single one of them, from the war until now, but after a couple of weeks maybe less he had started his habit of smoking and due to this fact, I found out earlier today that his heart doctor said if he didn’t stop smoking, they weren’t going to treat him no longer. I am praying that he will make the right choice. The Lord has answered so many prayers for all of us through out our lives.

Some people live by the rule that cats have nine lives, well lets just put that twist into action with my father, lets go over his life since the military when he entered at 16, he served from 67 to 75 after trying to reenlist and being denied, he returned to Michigan, where he became a OTR truck driver for along time, then it was back and forth from being long haul to local truck driving. Then came the accident where he was hauling a load of frozen dirt and when he went to make the dump the load shifted and his rig shifting, rocking him into an over head power line send the 20,000 volts through out the truck, which I also feel didn’t help to well with his heart condition, then came the heart attacks one in Chicago the minor attacks in between and then the last one being recently in August of this year. SO hear we have 4 lives that he has used up and possible more with the minor attacks that could have been worse but again that was Gods’ intervention, so either way we look at it he is running out of lives (chances ) one of these (lives) Chances is going to be the end and then there isn’t going to be another chance for him. The way things are looking at a current situation which I am not going to put here is taking a major toll on him emotionally isn’t good on his health as well and we all know that this isn’t good for a bad heart. So here is a prayer for my father.
Heavenly Father, I prayer for my father, that you give him the strength to quit smoking, the strength to get him through the current situation that is putting so much strain on him both emotionally and health wise. I don’t want to loose my father just as no one wants to loose their parents in this manner but let your will be done, as with all your choices we can’t control your choices, and that you are the most high.  AMEN

Make a difference in someones’ life

I have been through some rough times, good times some great times, some terrible times. Through all the negative aspects of life there has been people there to help me through it.  All my life of abuse, foster homes,  getting into trouble with the law, and the thought of not knowing which way my life was going to turn out, whether I was going to end up in jail, prison going on the right track or worse dead. Even with that being done to me I vowed that I will never put my son what I was put through in life, He has heard some of the horrible things I have gone through. Again I haven’t showed him some of the better things that life can give, but most importantly I have always tried to help him by showing him that the smallest things to help someone can always show that person the love is found not just in a family member or friend but also in a stranger.

Now with that being said I still had some one to help me through them. I try to help people with there times of need as well, sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t, the worst problem for me is when I have to tell them I can’t. The other day I was at a grocery store and I seen a customer in the parking lot with a tire that was low on air, I walked up to the car and looked in the tread and told them I could see a nail or some type of metal sticking in the center of the tread, putting air in it would hold for a while but replacement would be necessary before they, lost  a tire, did damage to the alignment or worse. Little things like that are just things that make a difference in a persons life. then you have the bigger adjustments that require a specialist, someone with degree, such as a mechanic who can diagnose an internal problem with the engine who has the right tools to diagnose and fix those issues, a doctor who can help a patient who can deliver a baby, and stop a constant bleeding with the help of many interns, which was  the case with my wife when our son was born. She had a rough pregnancy to began with, at the hospital twice a week, getting tests done,  then one day she had an issue at home where she had to be rushed to the hospital where she had to have an ultrasound and at first she told the technician that she told them that she carried her babies on the left, they came back and said there was no baby there, I then told her in a strong tone trying to hold it together not showing how much I was hurting, God will help us through this. The Tech went and called the family doctor told tech tech there was a baby there was a baby there now she had better find it, so the tech went back and did another ultrasound and sure enough there was a heart beat it was then that I started tearing up, still not wanting to show it, I said thank you Lord as I turned my head so my wife didn’t see me.
I guess by now you can see where this is going,  in case you haven’t, no one can do any thing on their own they need help from someone, yes it is nice to have someone on earth they can talk to or like in my wife’s case the doctor said that even though he had the eight interns there with him to help with the bleeding the blood to replace all the blood that she had lost and the God on his side, “she would not have made it”. Now keep in mind this is from a doctor, and the reason why I expressed this is, I also believe that without GOD in everyone life whether it be myself someone in my life, you our life they would not have the knowledge that they have right know. Granted some of you do not believe in the some God I do, but I can only write as I see the LIFE I live, This is how I live. If it wasn’t for Gods’ intervention, I wouldn’t have survived some of the things I have gone through I have . Some times when we mess with something that God has created, we could put ourselves into a predicament that we don’t understand,  God could have said you are messing with what I have planned for your life, I have killed a part of your brain for a reason and now you are going to have it removed to stop the seizures, or I am going to let you have the surgery, to give the surgeons do this for practice due to the fact that I was a rare case with having three different kinds. But because I have planned this for your life I am going to leave you with the worst kind of Seizure there is.  With this being said without this would there be Neurologists there to help keep seizures under control. God has put a brain in all of us to retain the knowledge that we hold to help other, now matter how big or small it may be, it is our duty to put this knowledge to work to help others. Could this be the case with me, I don’t know.
Can you trust God with your life?

When something goes wrong in your life can you honestly say what was the cause for it. I know I can’t, such as my last attack on May 27 that said I way dehydrated, but I had been drinking water all day and couldn’t figure out how I could become dehydrated in such a short time while I was out mowing the lawn, let me also mention that I also had water A bottle of ice water out side that I was drinking on periodically. I know in my life and can honestly say that I have now answer for what goes on. Can you give a total stranger a bottle of water on a hot summers day when you can see that he/see is sweating or another person a coat in the winter when you can see that he/she is freezing a pair of shoes of your feet when their own are falling apart. I have as I am sure many of you have. It is those small things that show the strangers there are people who care for those who are less fortunate. It is the less fortunate that matter the most, but when you do these things do not look for pay, do it out of the kindness of your heart. When I was younger we could offer strangers a ride and not think twice about it, now there is the issues of false accusations of sexual, physical assault, to the person you picked up, and don’t even think about picking up a child, murder, and this can happen to either the driver or the person picked up. So know all you can do is offer a coat if it is cold, a glass of water if someone comes to your house screaming they are in danger and the police you better pray there is someone there, preferably of the opposite sex so you can get them in you house until the police can get there or charges may be placed upon you for something,  just for trying to help. In one way or another I or someone I know has been in one or more of these situations. I am thankful I not only had my two people with in all situations I was in but most of all I had the LORD by my side. In just a simple case of two adult female strangers coming to my house telling me that someone was chasing them with a gun, I told them to step in and get down I had my wife and daughter there, the Lord kept us all safe so this person(s) didn’t find them until the police arrived and with all three of them give me the protection I needed, against allegations that these two could’ve throw against me. The moral to this story is even though you try to help people by showing love with the knowledge that the Lord has given you, you also have to put the extra knowledge into play, to help protect yourself against the serpent.

Translated for this story
If it had not been for The Lord and my wife and Daughter,  these two victims of the person chasing them with a gun could have, told the police in there desperate time of trouble, looking for a safe place they had seen the light on and quickly came to my house, assuming it was safe at my assuring voice for them to come in for safety, they did so,  (The Serpent) at which time I had taken advantage of one or both of them and they had been there longer than what I had said. Claiming I had supposedly called the cops at a certain time when in fact I had called them later giving me time to do the act. When they didn’t want the police called in the first place.
Even cab drivers have a dangerous job they do their jobs trying to make a living and day after day all they want to day is make it home safe. Most actions in your life you do without looking for payment in return like taking care of your family members when they need a hand, giving a piece of clothing when you see that someone needs it more than you do, giving a helping hand. It doesn’t matter the situation, if you do it go ahead and do it. If you can’t don’t try it. Always be truthful about what you are doing, and whatever you do protect yourself. Use the knowledge that God has given you through generations that has been passed from family member to family member whether it is your family or another families, it all had  to come from GOD. Remember the Brain was designed by him and only HIM.

The Lords Blessings For All Involved

Friendships are very hard to come by, but last Sunday July 17, 2011 we had a major heat heat wave come across the states and a young man had been riding his bike, as he turned from Millbrook onto Kalamazoo Ave his cart tire that was connected to his bike had hit the curb and and his bike over turned needless to say all his things on the cart had fallen off and scattered on the curb and roadside, so my oldest son had ask his wife to go and help him if she could help him pick up his things, being that he might be more accepting to receiving of the help from a female than a male, Gladly he accepted. After everything was picked up, she asked him if he would like some water and something to eat, and he accepted she made him a sandwhich, some vegetables, and give him a cold bottle of water, in the meantime my son came in and woke me up to talk to me about the situation because the young man was asking for directions to get to one of the missions downtown. By this time I had gotten up and been informed of the situation in full and had talk it over with my about him staying here because it was late and the missions had already stopped taking in for the night, of course it was my oldest sons idea, being of good heart and I had to agree that it would be the best thing being that late, and the cart alone he would just be asking for trouble if he had gone down town, someone would defeintly jump him for the things on his cart, and then finding out his bike was a Mongoose mountian bike alone would probably get him severly hurt if not even killed eventhough he spent a few years in the service it would do much good down there if someone didn’t want that bike bad enough. So when I received word that he had road from Middleville which is about 40 miles from my house. When I found out that he had come this distance and was hungry I had come back into the house and served up a plate of speghetti for him and corn and brought it back out to him as well as glass of ice with a can of pop and we had talk for some time and then he had mentioned to me about the mission, and I said we it is a good thing you had brought that up because, I am opening my door for you to stay the not only the night, but also until the heat wave breaks, beacuse the fact of his things would be stolen and some of the things he had could even get him get him killed or arrested, if he refused to give them up and got into a fight and hurt someone with his military background then he would loose more than maybe just his bike if that’s what they wanted. I told him he could leave when ever wanted, I wasn’t forcing him to stay but I wished he would atleast stay atleast until the heatwave was over, because he said he was heading for Muskegon, He gladly accepted, at this point he was almost through with his meal and I had told him there more in the fridge if he wanted more he said no thanks, at that point I said there is one rule when it comes to food, if you walk away from the table hungry it is your own fault, I always try to prepare enough for all my family I am usually the last one to eat if there isn’t any left I will find something else to eat, sometimes I will eat nothing, which isn’t good for someone with my medical condition and yes I do get flack from family members. After the heat wave had been active for a couple of days he said that he would like to stay until the first of the month, I had reminded him that my door was open as long as he needed it,by now many small tokens had passed back and forth between myself my oldest son and his wife and him, then one day he had said that his VA had came through so that would help him catch up on some bills that he needed to catch up on. Then He gave me a gift in the form of a check of undisclosed amount. This young gentleman has been here now for 9 days, and the fun we have had just the two of us or with my wife included or maybe the whole house it feels like a month has gone by and I, could never have asked for a better young man to stay at my home then him. It almost feels as if I have picked up another son which would be Just fine with me (not to replace his own parents), But in alot of ways he reminds me of my oldest (SON OF MUCH KNOWLEDGE) I have even given him a key to my home so if he was out late and we had come in after we went to bed, he could get in, without waking others up. I could never replace another childs biological parents no matter how much they wanted me to or for that matter how much I wanted to. I have given him a phone # that will ring my home, cell and computer, so even if we are out we will always get a call. The worst thing that’s happened to him so far is he went to a park to play disc golf and someone stole his bike, so he calls me from the Wyoming Police Department to let me know that he was going to be awhile, so he could file a police report in the meantime I am outside talking to my oldest Children and I told my oldest daughter to go wake up my wife so we could go pick him up from the police station, he said he would talk to the police and see if they could drop him off some place to get a new bike, next thing we knew he was in the yard with a different bike and a different type of lock, and mentioned that the police said they usually find the bike by the next day. Update he has decided to get a car to take instead of a bike for his long journey but also received noticed from Wyoming police that they recovered his bike so he has to go and get that today. The only two things I would like to do now is maybe in some way talk to his parents and let them know he much of a pleasure it was to have their son as a guest in my home and that my door will always be open when he needs a place to lay his weary head. And to let him know how how much he will be missed!