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Hate: a strong word, that describes a feeling towards someone that has done you wrong. It is used so often that people don’t care how much it hurts a person. To most people it feels like being stabbed with a knife. Just as most of you have been told “I Hate You”, I also have been told that numerous times, I have also told other people that, even said it to people that didn’t deserve it. The that I feel should have been told that was my father was never told. Was it out of RESPECT, or was it the fact I was trying to hold onto something I thought was still there.
I have come to the point however that I can’t recall the last time I have actually said that to someone. I Pray that all you parents, friends, children, and and especially the bullies, will learn how much just the simple, lonely word hate can cut the soul of someone deep and this can cause people to do things to do some very serious crimes or worse.
Even though I have many times thought about using it, I just couldn’t even after it has been said to me, which has been to many times, Thank God.

The time it really hurts to the point that you  really get upset and want to do something such as smack the person, go off some place and cry is when it comes from a child, that just got a little scolding for something they did wrong, you try to explain to them what they did wrong, their consequences, and then there comes that three word statement, I HATE YOU, then what do you do. Myself all I do is look at the person I am talking to is say you will see, it may take awhile but what you do to others will come back to haunt you.
Love all , no matter what he does, show them that you will continue to love them no matter what they have done.

I have also told many people that you will say the I hate you to some one, they will take it to heart and that will be the last time you will see him/her until their funeral, if you’re even notified at that time. It is easy to say I am sorry for the harsh words I have said to you, after the person(s) is gone. So with that being let me end with this piece of advice, Please choose your words carefully. Remember the statement, ( If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say nothing.


How Do People See You ?

As I was reading the most recent post from  Slik http://wp.me/p1gbE9-rd it came to me to write
this. How do people see you, is a question I ask myself daily. I know how some see me, and I know there is going to be some criticism and judgment coming from this post, but the only Judgment I have to face is at the end of my life here on Earth when I stand in the face of God. Some look at me as a Hypocrite, a drill sgt, a person who like drama, someone who knows very little to nothing. Others look at me as a loving, kind, caring, helpful, person. And yet there are some that look at me with both positive and negative outlooks. The worst of these names come from my own flesh and blood or family I grew up with.  And no matter what, I will have to face God when Judgement day comes, and all those who have judged me will also have to face God for their Judgement against me. So remember before you call someone out on there actions. Look at yourself. Matthew 7:3
“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? Now here is where some would call me a hypocrite. I just quoted a verse from the Bible and I talk to my son about the Bible and Christian Aspects, however I don’t go to church and I don’t read the Bible the way I should, But as I said I will have to face this on Judgement day. Yes I also know that I won’t have to face this on Judgement day, if I would change my ways now.  That is the first thing many people are going to think to themselves well you need to change then, or why don’t you change?  There is no answer I can give you for why I don’t change. I can say when I am pushed emotionally or negativity comes my way, I push back and it isn’t on a physical aspect.  I read more between the lines then people know or realize. So a person can be criticizing me and not think I caught it but I have and not said anything, not saying I catch it all the time. My mind might not always by quick about things and sometimes things get pointed out.