Teaching and Learning

Getting straight to the point of this post and other gibberish to follow.
It is easy to click the like button and a quick short phrase of saying Great post. Now as far as that goes ok, but one thing for this particular post is I am looking for is what about my posts is “What is it about my posts that the readers like, for those who read the posts and have a disagreement about it. what is it you disagree with in a nice manner so I can learn from those mistakes, just as a teacher would give a student a check on a problem if it was wrong, I get input from everyday living not only from the present but also the past, getting input from (anyone who can give advice. My poems come out of the blue and it takes time for me to write, due to some brain damage.
When you are in school and your teacher is in the front of the class talking or writing on the black board this is input, how do you learn if their is no input. A book is input written on paper, a comment on a post is input written on a post, now I know just by the last comment, I am going to get some comments like well what do you think “GREAT POST” it is input. I am looking for ideas as to how I can better the post(s).


EX. I will bet everyone learned about Christopher Columbus discovering America, when you where in school has your teacher ever said there was a man named Christopher Columbus, or maybe another way he was described a man discovered America. “I hope not “. Now when quiz time came, the question was What was Christopher Columbus known for? or Who discovered America? The point is to learn, not to get partial information but all and then to learn get partial and add the information to get rest to get all information.
As far as some of you know I am one who likes to read between the lines, I don’t know who else does if there is anyone out there. Maybe some of you may say I see how he sees it as reading between between the lines but calls it something different, and some of you may not even look at it that way at all. Still others may not even realize they aren’t even doing it. For those followers who know what I mean, a little test, ask your school age children if they know the meaning of “READ BETWEEN THE LINE” and see how many children actually know.
As I work on this post my mind continuously wants to hit the delete button because it is for me easier to hit the delete button the publish because this post is continuously making me feel like I have lost alot of things learned in school, but on the other hand it as always been said a person never stops learning everday is another day to learn something new and remember something you have already been taught. Have someone remind you of something you have forgot. Basic moral teach and be taught.


4 thoughts on “Teaching and Learning

  1. Line of Serenity (Joyce Fields)

    Blogging has no structure. There is no right or wrong way to blog. You blog as if you are writing in your journal. I chose to blog pieces that I find on the Internet and pieces that people send to me that are encouraging, educational, inspirational, motivational, and funny (“Funny Friday”), with the occasional self-written piece. I enjoy your blog because it is full of spiritualism and emotion!!

  2. T

    I do not think there is any right or wrong way to blog and I do not see a thing that I would change about your blog. It is written from your own personal thoughts. When I read someone’s blog I am looking to getting to know that person and his/her perspective. I want something to provoke my brain and make me think. What is it I like about your blog? I like your honesty, the way you let your readers into your life a bit, I love that you share your courage and also your weaknesses and I usually learn something not just about you but also sometimes myself along the way. I also feel as if I somehow know you from your blog posts. This post made me think a bit about my own blog, it also was something that I myself have wondered and just never thought to ask. I personally am guilty of writing ‘great post’ a lot on people’s blogs the reason is because sometimes they really are great, and I am not a person of a lot of words usually (except today for some reason), especially if the post is so good that nothing else needs to be said. Sooo with that being said, ‘Great Post’ ๐Ÿ˜€ this really is a great post you know ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. balding2soon Post author

      I have seen alot of your posts, and even though some of them are small in stature, (words)it is not the length of the posts that counts it is content. Some people may say that “others” posts have no meaning sometimes you can pick out the meaning, and other times you can’t. But if a person really looks, they can always find the idea behind the post. That is where for me have to put my Reading between the lines to work, some people can do it some can’t, some do it without even realizing it. But for the most part if there is a meaning for the writer, that is all that matters!


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