The Lord Answers Again:

Again the Lord has answered another prayer!!
Recently my father had another heart attack and had to undergo a triple bypass, His first major heart attack that happened in Chicago,when three stints had to be put in, the stints had failed, being the stubborn man he was/is, and always will be, he thought it was going to be an easy procedure, like the one in Chicago.I am not sure of all the facts of that surgery because of my medical condition, I couldn’t make the trip to Chicago to be there for that surgery.
Being the age he is and the fact the he already 1 heart surgery (which included 3 stints mentioned above) a couple other smaller heart attacks which didn’t need such major intervention and then this one which was especially hard on him. His lungs were bad due to the many years of smoking and the fact that he was a recipient of the very famous AGENT ORANGE of VIETNAM.Warning the pictures in this link are graphic. However after his stay in the hospital he had gone home and was doing well for awhile. I am glad that he has survived these life taking experiences every single one of them, from the war until now, but after a couple of weeks maybe less he had started his habit of smoking and due to this fact, I found out earlier today that his heart doctor said if he didn’t stop smoking, they weren’t going to treat him no longer. I am praying that he will make the right choice. The Lord has answered so many prayers for all of us through out our lives.

Some people live by the rule that cats have nine lives, well lets just put that twist into action with my father, lets go over his life since the military when he entered at 16, he served from 67 to 75 after trying to reenlist and being denied, he returned to Michigan, where he became a OTR truck driver for along time, then it was back and forth from being long haul to local truck driving. Then came the accident where he was hauling a load of frozen dirt and when he went to make the dump the load shifted and his rig shifting, rocking him into an over head power line send the 20,000 volts through out the truck, which I also feel didn’t help to well with his heart condition, then came the heart attacks one in Chicago the minor attacks in between and then the last one being recently in August of this year. SO hear we have 4 lives that he has used up and possible more with the minor attacks that could have been worse but again that was Gods’ intervention, so either way we look at it he is running out of lives (chances ) one of these (lives) Chances is going to be the end and then there isn’t going to be another chance for him. The way things are looking at a current situation which I am not going to put here is taking a major toll on him emotionally isn’t good on his health as well and we all know that this isn’t good for a bad heart. So here is a prayer for my father.
Heavenly Father, I prayer for my father, that you give him the strength to quit smoking, the strength to get him through the current situation that is putting so much strain on him both emotionally and health wise. I don’t want to loose my father just as no one wants to loose their parents in this manner but let your will be done, as with all your choices we can’t control your choices, and that you are the most high.  AMEN


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