Time to play ball:

This post is going to take place on the field and the reason why I am playing ball is because alot of people are looking for answers to everyday problems from within themselves, like Why am I hurting people the way I do? I for one ask my self a why couldn’t I have done more with my life . One of the questions that I haven’t asked anyone. And my son the author will say to me look at it from the bleachers. Now lets start batting. I am thrown a (fast ball), for instance the abuse from my father which now has on impact on how I am with my family now. With that being said no I don’t abuse my child, the way my father did me but I am quick to anger and he can see that because he sees it from bleachers, and now for the one thing no one likes to here the Umpire (STRIKE). You look up throw that bat walk away with anger and ask your self how come I struck out. And then you look at yourself and ask again, not realizing that your son heard this time, he says to you, you tried to hard or your mind wasn’t with the game. Neither one of those answers are ones a batter wants to here. In my case my son looks at me and says your anger has got such a hold on you that you don’t realize it, and can’t see how strong that hold is. Neither answer I didn’t want to hear either, but in both cases as a batter or myself if the batter and myself looked at the answers hard enough we would find that the truth was their in that answer. The second question that only we could answer is, was it because we were so blinded that we couldn’t see the answer, or was it because we were to proud, again neither answer will be liked. I for one have seen it in both aspects yes I have been so blinded by somethings that I couldn’t see the answer and there have been times (as much as I hate to admit) my ego has gotten in the way, and as for many they don’t want to admit that the won’t let their ego get in the way of things, well I thought that same things, what a joke. Some people are ashamed to admit when their ego has gotten the best of them, but a little warning to all who feel this way, YOUR EGO can be disastrous to not only your relationships but your health as well.


1 thought on “Time to play ball:

  1. S.L.I.K. (S4C)

    I’m happy to see you took time to reflect after what I told you that day, I find myself having to stop dead in my tracks and run over to the bleachers and hit the life rewind button so I can see (reflect) from a different perspective instead of being in the mist of the situation. I’ve recently noticed I have to a lot during the day run over to the bleachers while in a situation so that I can reflect my actions and reactions because they both determine the out come of the situation in the matter how it was handled.

    I see God, has been calling upon your heart as well through your actions it’s okay to let your guard down He, just want’s to show you the love you have always longed for! Recently God, started to bring the emotions from my childhood to the surface and it seemed like I couldn’t bear it at the time but I did through His, perfect strength and I can now rest assure I can handle the rest through His, strength as well. (The same can be for you as well)


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